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  • Hey Psynergy, how goes it?

    Could we finally get Isaac in the new Smash Bros.?

    Personally, my new 3rd party of choice is Chrono. He could have a final smash similar to Shulk where he summons buddies (Frog should be one of them).
    Morgan & Morgan are fine, they're as valid as Robin & Robin and Corrin & Corrin. I expected Kana to do the same thing back with the fates kids.
    well they were both men, true, and the earth one is buff while the fire is the pretty onebut i was expecting oc princes and not radiant dawn ike &...an ephiram....

    I really wish Zelgius, Eirika, Chrom, etc would have just been legendary banner stuff. These things are dumb, intsys!
    Beat Ultimate Necrozma. I used Light Screen Metagross to set up so that others could endure hits while laying out their own.
    Hey Psynergy, how is it going?

    I still haven't finished Ultra Moon. I was on a side trip trying to get an Alolan Vulpix with Moonblast (and hopefully Snow Warning).
    I'm telling ya, the earth & fire people will be husbandos
    earth guy will probably be super buff and fire guy will be a bishie
    (less than a week after 6 banners, a tempest and concurrent voting gaunltet) check out this old interview that implies they never cared about the game
    Happy New Year! I hope this year will be swell.
    And in the Lord Rayquaza's name we pray! Amen!
    I've just been progressing slowly, and I haven't done much in the past couple of days.

    Also, I played a bit of Mega Man 2 yesterday and today, and I beat half the Robot Masters.
    I've been taking a break (kind of) with Pokemon Ultra Moon. I recently caught a Manectric though, and I think I'll add it on my team. This will replace Ampharos, but we had a good run together.
    The Eevee that hatched from the egg in UM is Timid with a perfect Speed IV. It has good HP and Sp. Def, but it's Sp. Att is about average (give or take). It's not easy getting that lucky, so I'm glad I saved.
    I short, I agree with you about Regigigas, since he is intrinsically tied to the Regi trio, and why Cresselia was not chosen, I have no idea.
    Game Freak employee 1: I think we should make Heatran an exclusive to Ultra Sun. He fits with the heat of the sun theme well.
    Employee 2: We should get another Sinnoh legendary for Pokemon Moon.
    Employee 1: Good idea.
    Employee 2: We should use a legendary that isn't a part of any group, the only one that can fit the theme of Ultra Moon...
    Understandable. I've been looking at non-story spoilers myself, but I will respect your wish not to see them.

    I'm glad that it's less than a week to USUM.

    Hey, since its been shown before the datamine, it seems to me that the exclusive legendary encounters in Ultra Space in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon basically reflect the exclusive encounters in OR/AS respectively, though Palkia/Dialga are switched.
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