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  • ummm actually psynergy, you'll find that the series is in decline and only saved by a remake
    *peaks into the general speculation thread*
    why is this fandom like this
    I beat Color Splash btw, but I want to 100% it.

    I really like the game. It isn't as good as the first two games, but you can look at it as a much improved Sticker Star (that people actually like).
    I almost beat Color Splash, and I enjoyed it.

    Thousand Year Door was my favorite for good reason. I love the music in that game.
    I wanted to tell you that I actually completed Pokemon Emerald (E4).

    Rayquaza is proving to be difficult to capture. I think I will work up to it.
    One thing I like about this game, is that it maintains the item collecting from Pikmin 2, complete with arbitrary names. You can also do this with Super Mario, Animal Crossing, and Splatoon Amiibo (and SSB Olimar).

    It's a nice game from what I've played, but I understand your decision if you don't want to get it.

    I still need to get Splatoon 2 honestly.
    I wanted to say hey to you.

    BTW, do you enjoy the Pikmin series. I got Hey! Pikmin today, and I like it (of course, it isn't as good as the main series, blah blah blah).
    The ending scenario falls upon one of my video game pet peeves.

    >Hurry Lan, an asteroid will crash into the planet and cause utter destruction.
    >Not right now, I haven't collected everything.

    This is why I did the Delta Episode as quickly as I could.
    I got right before the end boss in Mega Man Battle Network 4, and I had a few questions.

    Can you continue your file after you beat the boss, but before you start a new game plus?
    Do you have a list of everything you can get from a particular difficulty before you go to a new game plus?
    You know, I was thinking?

    If you get Charizard and Mewtwo from Gen I VC, and you wanted to go to Mega Evolve them, but don't know to which form, you can always send them as Hasty nature.

    Not ideal, but I think it accommodates the X and Y forms of each Pokemon.
    How much are you looking forward to the G/S VC release?

    I think they were good games limited by battery save files.
    Whenever CoroCoro is fixing to pop up, I look forward to it. There isn't always great news finds, but it gets it out of the way, and I'm not wondering about it so much.

    If Serebii showed CoroCoro and it only talked about a movie promotion (for example), I'm just glad that it is out of the way.
    And yet another Direct is coming tomorrow, this time for Pokemon.

    ...It's 8 minutes long and airs super early in the morning, but given our forum, well...let's reopen the thread!
    I just wanted to make sure Serebii didn't post it, and I didn't notice it all that time. I have no problem waiting when I'm in the know.

    Are you any excited for E3?
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