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  • I think I enjoy this Fire Emblem game as its own flavor.

    BTW, and I hope this question doesn't come across as annoying, but did we ever get the codes for the Hoenn Starter Mega Stones? I wanted to make sure I didn't miss that chance.
    What are some of your favorite Pokemon that are terrible battlers (and I mean terrible)?

    For me, Corsola definitely gets on my list.
    Is having a z-crystal for an attack and status move (choice between) a thing in competitive?

    For example, using a Psychic z-crystal for Calm Mind or Psychic.

    Worse case scenario is that I'll still have my birthday to celebrate.

    I can thank this game for making my birthday a subject of discussion. :]
    How do you feel about Echoes now?

    I'm thinking that it may "master the wonkiness" and be a good game in its own right.

    One thing I am positive about is that this game has good style.
    Ah, that's unfortunate. Yeah, I hope I find one too.

    Ominous chanting in music is always acceptable I think, but I am also a fan of ominous latin chanting. Lyrics just don't feel necessary for me.

    I am monumentally bad at stealth so it would be hard no matter what I bet. Insta-kills aren't any fun I think. It's a shame that there's stuff designed to insta-kill.

    I won't say I've neccesarily gotten used to it, I just have come to mostly ignore it.
    Again, I have no point of reference from with to judge. I personally was a big fan of running around in a giant robot, but that's just me. I do agree on the music tho. The music when you were travelling on foot was quite good I thought and atmospheric. Here's a few examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhsDSyTw7pk (a jungle area), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDtdIrU1vmI (a badlands area). However the music that plays while you're flying in your giant robot killed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD4r8ufspg0 (I am biased, I dislike game music with lyrics).

    Yes, there was a lot of dying and screaming from Vinny. At the start of the game there was a lot of being killed in one hit. From what I could tell the stealth gear was only marginally helpful, but it's kinda hard to tell from just being a viewer and not playing it myself. Have you gotten the stealth gear yet?

    Yeah, it really is iffy. My new laptop has win 10, and I'm getting used to it. I still hate the start menu tho. Too much crap.
    I liked the characters but I also have no point of reference to know how they were in comparison. If Chronicles had really good characters then I could see where people would find them less impressive. Doesn't mean they weren't good tho. Yeah, I can imagine combat's harder. I've been watching Vinesauce play it and I have noticed all the one hit kills. i am going to be so bad at it since I am monumentally bad at stealth.

    I'd still consider it a flop since they seemed to completely ignore their PC users. Professionals don't do their work on mobile and I would imagine that those people are some of their biggest customers.
    Are you worried that FE: Echoes won't be a good game, or are you just worried that it will have a wonky mechanic that slightly detracts from a generally good or average game?
    Would not surprise me that a lot of it was disappointment that the games were different. X had a lot of good going for it. Great worldbuilding, lots to explore, fluid combat, and a lot of features that were for the convenience of the player. Wasn't the strongest main plot in the world but it wasn't bad either. Breath of the Wild is for Wii U as well?

    At least it was closer to win 7 in another version. Apparently 8 was only good for phones.
    I never played Xenoblade, the only game in that series I've played was Chronicles X. Hooray stomping around in a giant robot. I want to play Zelda whenever I get a Switch. Though I really should finish Windwaker first.

    I jumped from Win 7 to Win 10. Was Win 8 as bad as everyone says it was?
    I like the ability to dodge and such. I feel like improving my ability to dodge and such helps me a lot. In turn based, can't do much else but level grind. I'm not too fond of level grinding. Did you play Xenoblade Chronicles X? I enjoyed that one a lot.

    Yeah, that's quite true.

    My new laptop came in and so far it's working just fine. I need to figure out how to make Windows 10 look more like Windows 7 tho. Win 10 is super ugly I think.
    I just want to know how you start your Team Building process, and how do you distribute the EVs? How you know which Pokémon to give certain amount of EVs too. :]
    I think I've figured out I prefer more action oriented RPGs. I love Castlevania for example and plan on getting Skyrim when it comes out on the Switch.

    I keep telling him that. Sometimes he doesn't have fun unless he wins tho.

    It no longer would charge. It was a setback for about a week and a half and then decided to order a new one. It'll get here in a week or so. Been using my mom's laptop in the meantime.
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