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  • Thats good to know.
    I'm just doing the same old.
    Everything's been going great.
    I've decided to try and do a Fanfic based off a Creepypasta known as Strangled Red.
    Plus I've been trying to EV my Cottonee,somehow I keep messing up. >.< Fourth time's the charm! (Hopefully)
    Yeah, but you seem like a pretty good person.
    Besides the lack of interaction is mostly cause of me. You know not having a comp and all. But thats beside the point.

    So how's it going?
    North America is one continent, and South America is another continent.... the seven continents are North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica...at least that's what we're taught in Geography here. I have heard that other countries teach that North and South America are just "America", and Europe and Asia are "Eurasia", making only five continents.

    I never said you weren't American. Anyone who lives in Canada, the US, and any of the Central and South American countries we consider "American".
    I won't lie; I just REALLY like Batman. And I used to really like Superman when I was in high school; I still think he's pretty cool, though. My favorite Marvel character, without a doubt, is Iron Man. He's basically Marvel's Batman; I think I like the two of them because they don't have superpowers; they're just really awesome humans. I'm also starting to like the Blue Beetle. Thor is probably my second-favorite Marvel character, but I'm also not as familiar with Marvel characters as I am with DC.

    Man, I used a lot of semicolons in that paragraph. You know, I always forget that you live in Colombia, and then I read your signature, and I think "oh yeah...swamp's from Colombia! That's awesome and also kind of sad because he's so far away." But maybe I'm the one who's far away. Honestly, it just kind of blows my mind that I'm talking to you right now. Technology is amazing.
    I've never heard of that game (I don't get out much, living in the country and all), but you said "Marvel", which means it's probably awesome. DC's better. But I respect Marvel ;)
    Hey there! It's been too long since we've talked. Things are going well for me; my car scared the crap out of me today by not starting, but it turned out that the battery was just dead (I mean really really dead) and I had to buy a new one. How are you?
    What do you mean? Like now, or when I left?

    Right now im just chillin in the New Jersey sun

    But I left ireland because of physical racism at my school directed towards me. It may seem petty, but I saved death threat letters about blowing me up.
    Swamp, I have been busy lately and haven't been able to get on Serebii. I will be open all day on Sunday, so can me and Trickster get our battle done then?
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