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  • Haha! Worry not, I must also apologise for you having to deal with highschool me too. I've never been the most mature person for my age but even by those standards... wow. I might have been the first person you battled with on Wifi but I honestly don't remember.

    Ehh, I GUESS I'm off doing things in the world - I finished uni about a year ago (yes, undergrad) and I've not done much since. I've been looking for a job but honestly I've not been putting anywhere near as much effort into it as I probably should be doing. I've never been very good at these transitional phases - I always need help getting the ball rolling, but once it's rolling I can roll it for days.

    I had to look up non-binary, but I see why that would cause a few problems for you. As for the crisis thing, we all have these moments where we're uncertain about a ton of things - as mentioned above, I'm kinda similar myself at the minute. Nothing we can't make it out of though :)

    As for the Brexit thing... honestly, things are a bit chaotic, but we'll be fine. We're a stubborn nation, we always go through these changes and come out with head held high in the end. People just need to stop freaking out, sit back and relax. Not much is gonna change in the long run, we just need to take all this one step at a time.

    Aside from all that, what else you been up to?
    Browsing through my old VM's and I find a bunch of messages from you...

    I don't remember how we met but hi! :) you okay?
    tell me about life. you won't believe this... I moved out of france... to portugal. I'm still in shock. My parents got promoted in the company and we moved here... I riped in tears for haveing to leave my country

    I haven't started that yet but I might to get the shiny charm
    Maybe that's why my brother spends hours in the ds in the grass. And I'm like... weirdo???? O.O Know I understand (I'm such a dumb person when it comes to pokemon. I'm a genious in maths though lol)
    By the way... I've seen images of buneary in the internet and she appears with yellow fur. Mine as pink.. It was my brother who gave it to me. Is it a bug or a glitch? Strangely she sparks when she enters a battle... Maybe it is a bug of the game hum?
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