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  • Do you like fanfics? Would you mind terriblly reading and rating my thread? Also vote on the multi voter poll about what I need.
    Hi Xaldin. Sorry, I don't have any chocolate pie for you.

    I can see why you had to get rid of Venomoth then...
    We aren't in my mind yet xD. If we were, you would be hearing Chobits and CCS songs reverberate throughout as we journied through a lush and humid forest xD.
    Just stay away from any shiny piplups in my mind you see. They'll turn into evil penguins and drag you to the rag-time penguin palace >_> xD I hope you know where I came up with that name.
    HKSCM: Wow, I didn't know I had a following of any sort. All I did was kill evil people >_> *slashes demon in half*. Now where were we?

    Angelic Human Kitty: Well, well, I go up to heaven for two days and five-hundred different types of evil creatures attacked the house, good merciful . . . get the cleaning crew in here!

    *giant strike of white lightening cleans blood stained house*

    AHK: There.

    HKSCM: I have over one hundred forms, and now I must transform now that AHK's back to guard the house.
    *HKSCM transforms as her black dress turns into a white tennis shirt and scourt*

    Human Kitty: There we go! That black dress is not very practical for summer anywho >_>

    (Yes, the art of randomness, that is what the K's have perfected xD)
    That's cool. I like the way some people on this forum have something about them that makes them stand out from the rest. It makes them special to me.
    Don't worry, you'll be able to relate to a fair amount of people on here. And if you need any more third gen teams rated... make sure to post about it.
    Uh... right then.

    and @ the poster below, who's "Gon" and why is he posting under your name?
    Shot? Shoot you for saying hi? Yup, that makes sense...

    Anyway... hey, nice to meet you. You had a pretty good team there. The reason you got such a quick response is because the third gen forums are my turf and I haven't had much else to do lately other than chilling there and rating teams, so yeah. School starts for me soon though.
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