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  • Oh, and I would never lie about Aspergus. I am not that kind of despicable person who lies about having a medical condition. But if you don't buy then I accept that choice.
    Hey, look I'm really sorry about before. Sorry that I annoyed you with my posts. After looking back and thinking carefully about what others said, I realized that I was going about this the wrong way and I decided that I shouldn't stop supporting Ash because of previous experiences. You and the others made excellent points and I was too foolish to see it. I guess I was afraid of future disappointment. Anyway, sorry again about what happened.
    Sorry, after 5 years studying psychology I'm not buying the Asperger thing. And also, on the internet everyone can be whoever he/she wants to be. Would you belive me if I tell you that I'm the richest man in the world? I think not. Why? Because on the internet you can trust no one.
    If you have nothing objective to support your opinion then don't reply like a little kid.
    A little harsh considering his disability. lol
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