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  • im not rly looking for apricorn balls right now and for safari balls im just looking for these 3 - chansey, smeargle and tauros... but if u still got that clefairy in safari ball i could take that one :) or just trade me anything... i already rebreeded that clamperl for u ;)
    I meant Fast Ball Taillow. :p I don't have a Dream Ball Clamperl I'm afraid. The only other special ball Pokemon I have is the Murkrow I mentioned earlier.

    My FC is in my signature. :) Let me know when you're ready to trade.
    I see you have Love Ball Roselia's. Would you like a female HA Dream Ball Ponyta in return for a female Love Ball Roselia?

    I also have female HA Dream Ball Murkrow. Would you like that in return for a female Love Ball Taillow?
    the Pidgey alone is fine. I was actually breeding Snorlax for someone else and got a spare, so whenever you get the Pidgey we can trade
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