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  • Looking for Beastball HA flabebé. I'm offering pretty much any pokemon currently available on safariball in gen 8. Mixed trade, as that pokemon i would want to recieve in gen 7 game.
    Looking to trade some apriballs and special balls (Dream ball and Beast Ball). I'm willing to trade up to 12 pokemon with HA in apriball for one. And up to 18 for a Safariball or Sportball (With 3 max values or more, so to not to drag the process for long)
    im not rly looking for apricorn balls right now and for safari balls im just looking for these 3 - chansey, smeargle and tauros... but if u still got that clefairy in safari ball i could take that one :) or just trade me anything... i already rebreeded that clamperl for u ;)
    I meant Fast Ball Taillow. :p I don't have a Dream Ball Clamperl I'm afraid. The only other special ball Pokemon I have is the Murkrow I mentioned earlier.

    My FC is in my signature. :) Let me know when you're ready to trade.
    I see you have Love Ball Roselia's. Would you like a female HA Dream Ball Ponyta in return for a female Love Ball Roselia?

    I also have female HA Dream Ball Murkrow. Would you like that in return for a female Love Ball Taillow?
    the Pidgey alone is fine. I was actually breeding Snorlax for someone else and got a spare, so whenever you get the Pidgey we can trade
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