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  • Dunno if you remember me but I had you on my old account (Kuro_Kitsune) but I could never access it again, so hope s'ok I add you again on my new one c:
    Hey, I'm extremely interested in the Axew's you have. Check out my first post. I'm in the process of the build currently..
    OLAAA :)
    just thought i'd drop you a message see how you are :)
    hope alls good your end :) how did your college pieces turn out ? i hopes noone stole any more of your work !!
    Sorry I've been offline for the past who-knows how long. I'm trying to start breeding my pokemon to help some others out. Right now, I'm trying for a shiny poochyena, but I've only hatched 100 eggs. I'll keep trying, though! :)
    I found out soon after posting that you can't use anything of your language even if it's from another country, so even though you live in Scotland and I live in America I still doesn't count. :(
    Can I have an Axew, preferably a female with Jolly? Since you live in a different country I could try to use the Medusa Method to breed for a shiny Axew if I got one! :D
    ha what a knob head, thats bang out of order, so is it ok for him to pay for a copy of yours and use it (obviously not now) or would he have to have made his own ajustments ??
    thank god they have cameras there ! there were no cameras in my college and somone stole £400 worth of students knifes !!

    i'm glad you got your work back though :) at least alls not lost :D

    my bloddy news agent threw away my comics !! i had them on hold cos of work and stuff whent in today and cos i wasn't there by 9 AM they binned them :S but still wanted to charge me for holding them !! now i'm banned and cant get my comics so i sent some kid in to get them !! it's even worse than when you send somone in to a shopp to get you booze, sending kids to feed your geek habits :p
    hey sorry about the late reply !! been hella busy !

    hows things been ? having fun woth axew ? (though i guess it's a haxorus now ! )

    on the sticker front i got given some today !! someone made me a whole load of pokeballs the made for me ! for the front of my ds pis ots pink !! happy days :')

    oh dear do you think you'll find the book ?? was it a party at yours or somone elses ??

    CHECKTHIS !!! ... the other day while hatching mawile's for my shiny i took deino to the challengers cave to train it and after being in there half and hour a shiny mawile appeared ! -.- i wasn't impressed but i was shocked !!!
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