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  • Thankyou for that, Peter Banks. I am happy to tell you that $500.00 has been taken from your credit card as a consultation fee. The solar panels are free, and will be installed tomorrow evening. However, please note that we charge $500.00 to install each solar panel, and take a few of $100.00 each week for maintenance costs. Please sign the contract below.

    I, .................................................., agree to this stuff.


    Sorry, is that Mr Peter Banks? Dr Peter Banks? Mrs Peter Banks?
    And yes, that would be helpful as well.
    Hi, I am calling on behalf of ENERGY SOLUTIONS and I would like to sell you some free solar panels for a small fee. Can you please tell me your credit card number? Sir, this is NOT a scam, trust me.
    Ah yes, Azure Wolf. Love his stuff.

    Oh, perfectionism, eh? ;) Bad habit, yes, but focusing on ability/skills (rather than obsessing over a single banner, not saying that you do) and finishing helps a lot.

    Nevertheless, can't wait to see you new stuff. I've always loved your rainbow banner (with the lovely color smudging), can I sig that please?
    7-8 might be a stretch, but I am pretty sure there were at least 6 people. Yes, you were a part of it, around the latter 4-5 months. And there was also this person with a mewtwo avatar, I forgot his username, but his abstract art was mind-bending. It's a real shame he isn't active anymore.

    I'm usually active, I visit serebii once a while every week :) I lurk around, usually don't post. How are you though? Would be lovely to see your improved art.
    Ah right, I'm so sorry for not saving it straight away; in hindsight, I should've saved it the second it appeared in my inbox. My bad; I'm sorry :X

    And I also realised that I sent both you and Skiyomi two "Thankyou for your entry!" PMs like a week apart from each other >.>
    duuuude sorry i suck but I forgot to save your banner and icon for the contest

    Can you please re-upload and PM me asap thanks.
    so am I, I have a huge engineering report thats about a fifth of my grade due electronically today.
    Merry Christmas, man! At this time one year ago we went from hating each other to having a very fragile friendship. I think we've come a long way. (Y) Hope you have a great day~
    Stadium Arcadium is...average. It's not the worst album (although it is in a lot of RHCP fans), but it's not horrible. It's got some good songs. Listen to the albums Blood Sugar Sex Magik, it's their magnum opus. Every track on the album is fantastic except from The Greeting Song, probably because Anthony was asked to write a song about cars and woman despite his uncomfortableness with it. I mean, the first 4 tracks flow really well and Funky Monks....how it isn't their most known song is beyond me, it's amazing.

    Bon Iver? *fist bump*

    Bands I'm diggin': Nirvana, She & Him, Ramones, Spoon

    This sums up my views on Hurley perfectly.
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