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  • I think I'm not ready yet to donate my money, but it's good people are doing this kinds of things. Coincidentaly I just saw it on TV today....OK, this is creepy....Three times in one day....Looks like I'm getting haunted by that Dusknoir today XD.

    And have fun messing up photoshop^_^
    It's indeed worth it.
    Another thing we "Dutchies" spend a lot of money on are:Christmas decorations. Did you know that Holland is the most lightpoluted country(not as in heavy and light). I heard that in "Wat vindt Nederland".
    hahahahaha XD.
    my mom and dad always asks us the same question, "Can you light them all in one night!?" cause from everything we get 4 boxes, 2 for me and 2 for my little sister. And we always use everything, no leftovers to throw away^_^
    XD, when I was writing you about that magical Duknoir thing, something coincidental happened between me and D.....Where is that Dusknoir!
    Yes, of course I'm getting some fire works^_^! I really like mosquitos and Paratroopas, I also gets some groundflowers and white demons. My dad usually buys the "heavy" stuff.
    Yeah, I hope so too.
    Last I invited D. to my place so that she can have an revange^_^, and she lost her Diamond game, but found it the day before it, but sadly enough her game data corrupted and she lost all her data. It's not that bad: Cause She once said to me that she wants to restart, because in her first walkthrough she didn't knew she could catch Dialga. She also got an Duskull from me that time, so I gave her another one.

    Me and D. have some kind of saying, she once asked me how to evolve dusclops into dusknoir, and at that time an that episode with Dusknoir came on TV, so from now on when something coincendentally happens, we say: It's like magic....Where's that Dusknoir XD!!!
    Pupin, I have an question: Do you have Wi-Fi, cause I would like I could battle you once.
    BTW v, that reminded me the fact that I mistook you once as an girl hahaha^-^'.....uhhh....oh yeah, Wi-Fi, do you have it?



    I've never seen someone apologise so much in one post! XD Trust me, you didn't need to, its fine. It's an easy mistake for anyone, I've been called a guy on the Internet many times (and sometimes irl but let's not get into that now, shall we?) I'm not bothered, aside from my constant Muse/Cyrus worship, I will admit that just looking at my username/sig/etc doesn't really make it easy to know at first glance whether I'm a girl or not. I mean, let's face it, Shadow_Lugia_XD001 isn't a typically girly username is it? XD but hey, at least it's not some bullsh*t like '~*:Lugia-Girl:*~' with pink hearts and a shiny Lugia dominating my sig and avatar... Arrrg, that would be hideously cheesy and literally drive me insane...well, at least more than I am now.. And I only said that you have to call me by my full username as a joke! :P it annoys me when people do tbh, simply because it's a long username and Shadey is much less of a drag to type. (is thinking of others here!)

    ...that didn't make alot of sense, did it? *facepalm*

    ANYWAAAAYYYYYY!!! on another note...


    And merry Christmas and happy new year to you too! :D

    Hmmm....I think I make that my motto^_^ instead of: "Something is better than nothing, except if that something is nothing.

    And see you tommorow!

    Edit:Damn, I wanted it to put it under my name, but it's too big...

    Edit2:I put it into my Biography instead.
    Isn't the forums rule that we have to talk english? I personaly likes to talk English more^_^.

    I did like Sherlock Holmes, probably because I didn't had any expectations, and yet you see, to make an movie more fun, don't make any expectations^_^!
    Oh and I talked to my other friends that went to New Kids Turbo, two of my friends said it was less than what they expected, one other liked the movie, cause he didn't expected anyring of the movie, so long story short; If you want to enjoy the movie, don't expect anything from it^_^!
    yes, that one. The next day I watched it in "afzending gemist" and turned my head 90° to the left, and it frikkin' stood there!
    ooooooooooh. now I know what you mean, thanks for refreshing my memory.
    My fav prediction like thing was Hayashi's, that one REALLY blew my mind, I really didn't saw that one coming!
    I missed most of her performances, I did saw her performance when she hold an jar filled with water upside down....uh....right?

    Let's see, if memory serves right, I thought: The winner of the first time was that duo and the winner of the second time was Romano....I think.
    But I am sure Hayashi didn't won once, unfortunately.
    Pleas correct me if I made an mistake^-^'.
    Let's continue talking here(at least the big text) or else we make an chatroom out of Gender race v.3 X3!

    I also liked Victor especialy that episode when Uri Geller's handprints were on Patty's breasts XD! That was the first time Uri also liked him!
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