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  • Things are going good, bro. My test scores are going up, plus I got a laptop! So, yeah, life is going swimmingly at the moment. I wish I could find the time to exercise. I'm way too skinny.

    Woo! Flobots!
    I was kidding. awks.

    Seriously I didn't mean any of what I said. I can't exactly remember why I said what I said or even what I said at the start but yeah. I'm sorry. Truly.
    I'm trying my best to make to time to reply to VMs. I never post anymore.

    Hmm, I didn't like that song so much. The singers voice is off-putting.
    Nobody would have, don't beat yourself up.

    Homework is a pain. Free time is hard to get nowadays, and the freetime I do get involves 2 hours of study, chores and all my hobbies. It's hard to fit these forums into my schedule.

    Me like.
    Because I was a retard and managed to get my 2nd and 3rd sig strike in one day without realising which banned me for a week. xD


    Of course the sig rules now aren't too bad; they used to be absolutely horrendously convoluted before (I can't exactly remember when they got changed, but yeah). It used to be stuff like "you can only have three images in your sig, if it's a banner then two, banner's can be a total of 15000 pixels in area etc etc" so most people had to have banners split in two, you couldn't use many colours in text...it was a nightmare.

    Not entirely, although I was talking to Crickee about it and she said that her sig was removed and then she was banned straight after, and apparently her sig was too wide or over 500 kb or something, I'm not too sure :[ :[ Hopefully it's not a long ban...
    Yeah, hardcore all the way. You'll feel absolutely terrible by the end of the week and you'll start feeling incredibly tired but in the end it will pay off. I think.
    Well, still, a week of catching up is still quite large. I really can't stand the thought of having to catch up on school work now so I try and avoid having sick days unless I literally can't get out of bed @.@
    Huiswerk....ugh.... Oh well, that's school for you...

    Ik doe het goed. Vandaag kwam visite voor mijn zus haar verjaardag, en omdat ik ook bijna jarig ben, gaf de visiete me ook geld, heb eens flink wat geld ingezameld :D

    Oh, en sinds afgelopen donderdag hebben ik en Code 6 maanden ^w^
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