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  • :]

    Nothing much really. I've been sleep-deprived and we've only got a week left of school until our two-week holidays so I'm really looking forward to getting some sleep. School's been eating my time away and I've got exams coming up as well :S Same old, same old. What about you?

    omigosh, tomorrow is your 1 year anniversary of joining SPPf! Hooray for you, I suppose?
    Well another chapter closes, I suppose. The Graphics Contest has been fun; I'm really glad that it actually finished this time hahaha :p Well done, and thanks once again!
    So, ehhh, I don't mean to be pushy or anything, but are we going to move on to the grand finale of le graphics contest soon? ^^;
    *shrugs* Yeah I suppose so.

    Well that's an interesting way to put it for sure ^^; I highly doubt we'll be getting anymore votes for the Sig Battle portion of the Graphics Contest, unfortunately :[

    Yeah, I wasn't online either, but as far as I know N.D. did something which was large enough to cause a closing of the General Chat thread, a closing (twice) of the WAYLT thread which then caused the frequent posters there to get banned, and finally the whole entire Misc. section was closed for at least 12 hours iirc. It was crazy, and nobody knew what had happened, and although little bits and pieces have been cleared up since then, I'm still waiting for a full story. I really have no clue what he could've done that could cause such a fallout. I was thinking, when a sports team does horrifically bad and has shown signs of performing poorly for a few weeks/months, eventually there come calls for explanations and for the coach to be slaughtered replaced. Hmmm.

    Yeah, it is, which is quite unfortunate. Probably because Giggity disappeared, Vshan disappeared, EzzPeon and Zozo have disappeared, This_Is_Nicole disappeared, NL has been occupied with exams, you've been busy...really, people just haven't had the time.

    Thanks for that :]
    And me. :]

    And you are correct again. Well technically there are a few places in which all the people are generally extremely nice and there aren't any elitist communities so to speak. Apparently Fan Fiction is one of those places. Of course, Misc is a nightmare in terms of elitism. It happened a few weeks ago now, but did you hear about the Malicious Misc Mauling?

    Have I thanked you for saving the Digital Media subforum yet? ^^; By the by, did you happen to receive the icons for DarkEmerl's and my sig battle?
    I should have mentioned I didn't really try to go to sleep. I was watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes online.
    Works for me at least. It's to make sure I like 95% of a band/artists songs instead of just a few hit songs. I don't call myself a fan of something unless I like the majority of the bands/artists songs. Definitions of fan vary of course but that's when I feel I can call myself one.
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