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  • Yeah, as there are lots of people, undoubtedly, who don't want to upgrade.

    Yeah. Of course you can always choose both! :3

    "thepinkbullets" is a reference to the song Pink Bullets by The Shins from their second album, Chutes Too Narrow. "the" was added because other variations of pink bullet had been taken.
    I finished it pretty quickly as well; I actually completed the game in June iirc, which only took three months which is quite fast by my standards. ^.^; Le gasp! I hope the eventual remakes come out on the regular DS because I don't want to fork out an obscene amount of money for the 3DS because imo it's a gimmicky waste of money. :p

    Yes, yes I did :p Mr. Joker (Adam) and Buraddo_Aipom (Palcks) asked me to [actually I think Mr. Joker was the one who asked me...] join the forums and I did. Plus I was on Destiny before so yeah. *shrugs* It's a nice place, although yeah, it does get a bit boring there especially when nobody's online, which does happen quite a bit due to my timezone. I do like the sense of a tight-knit community there, though, and generally there are no annoying people over at Solstice.

    idk why I keep coming to these forums in all honesty.
    So you didn't end up buying Black? I mean, I do play them, I've just never been a 'religious player' so to speak; I'm not and never have been the kind of person who lives, breathes and eats Pokemon, carrying around their DS everywhere.

    Hey, I am :] I joined in like January and then decided to come back after a six month hiatus hahaha xD I do quite like the place. The skins are beautiful as well :D
    I sent you a friend request and left you a shout. I'm "thepinkbullets".

    I'm curious. What made you chose the name "Animal_Shelter"?

    No, not really. In all honesty I don't play Pokemon much at all, whatsoever. I think I've been through the grand list of things I have never achieved in Pokemon?
    Do you?
    You should. It's a fantastic site. You list all the artists you like or would like to listen to, it plays songs by the listed artists from various radio stations on site and then it records how many times you've listened to a particular artist or song. Plus, it gives you recommendations based on the artists you like. So, yeah, the site is awesome.
    Hmmm now that I think about it, it seems that if I play Yugioh I'll have everything I want in life AND SO MUCH MORE <3 <3

    You've totally convinced me!

    As do I.

    However, I think I'm making a lot of progress. My musical taste has broaden considerably in the last 8 months(when it was nothing but rock).

    p.s. have you heard of Last.fm?
    lolololol yugioh

    Having time off and just relaxing is really one of my favourite ways to spend summer hols. :]
    Your music taste is seriously awesome.

    deadmau5 and Flux Pavillion. Chase & Status are quite good. Haha I haven't found much dubstep I like. How about you?
    btw, your post in the "Is It On Your iPod?" thread made me smile.

    i'm doing good. my summer has been amazing.
    Was inderdaad awesome.
    Aha, tja, niet iedereen houd van vakanties. Gelukkig heb je wel een goeie zomervakantie.

    Ik dacht eigenlijk dat je Serebii verlaten had maanden geleden. Totdat een iemand zei dat je nog erg actiev was in de "rate my signature" threat. Ik was best verbaasd, en blij^_^

    Uh-huh! Idd! En als die uitkomt dat is... Ik hoop het wel.

    Yeah, de moneyz! Ik kon hem kopen omdat ik €200 van mijn moeder kreeg omdat ik geslaagd ben! *wOOt* Is echt heel gaaf!
    Ik ben vorige week een hele week naar Spanje geweest! Het was nogal bewolkt, maar door het awesome strand haaft dat niks uitgemaakt! Wat was er awesome aan?...GEEN ZAND! Alleen kleine steentjes die NIET aan je voeten blijft plakken aals je het water uitkomt. En het water was ook prachtig helder.

    Ik heb deze hele week met mijn vriendin(Codeyokoo) afgesproken, omdat ik vanaf vanmiddag bij mijn pa ben voor de rest van de cakantie. Die wou ik nog even deze hele week met haar doorbrengen. Ik probeer nog wel in de laatste 3 weken nog met haar af te spreken, maar het wwordt minder dan deze week ^-^;

    En? Jij nog op vakantie geweest?

    Oh, ik heb een 3DS btw ^w^
    I know, it's a pretty cool feature! I only found out about it a few months ago through a friend, because she wanted to be able to VM me without certain people being able to see what we're talking about. *shrugs*

    It's really cool :D
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