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  • Haha, I hate shakesphere, anyway, nm, just waiting for gonzo to come trade with me...so what do you like?
    Haha,oh no herat gold all the way haha jk

    I know what you mean, i can't wait till Typhlosion follows me :)
    Well I`m pretty much so free right now I`m bored XD Whatcha got? Here are some specific wants, might take other stuff though -

    Shiny wants, MUST be legit:
    More wants added!
    Kanto suicune (Due to confusion, want the FireRed suicune in shiny not distant land)
    Kanto entei (Same as above suicune)
    Uncloned shiny entei (any)
    Uncloned articuno (any)
    Level 1 Dialga
    Uncloned suicune (any)
    Uncloned mesprit (any)
    Uncloned legendaries other than ho-oh lugia
    HG/SS Entei and Raikou Japanese
    Male pichu (Non event)
    I'm not looking for anything else at the moment. I no longer require nicknames. I'm trying to start a collection of Safari Zone shinys. So far I have wooper, yanma and doduo.

    Safari zone shiny wants:
    These must be from the Safari zone!

    Non shiny wants:

    Distant land flareon, umbreon and espeon from XD only. Have vaporeon and jolteon. Natures don't matter.
    Mews of the following natures: Hardy, Lonely, Relaxed, Hasty, Serious, Rash, Have the rest of the natures.
    Timid Latias with 31 in Speed
    Bold suicune with 31/x/28+/25+/28+/28+
    Mesprit timid
    Jirachi timid
    Actually I like that. All my shiny dratini are cloned to death and I dunno why you`d clone that XD I`ve been trying to get an uncloned legit one.
    I have the lonely one still 8D Or I have This Wishmaker Jirachi but he's been cloned a few times. He's too good not to trade more than once LOL
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