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  • [ Hi, nice to see you again! Could you please answer the VM before the pic, so we can continue talking where we left off? ]
    It sure is. I was so ****ing excited when i found out i could play as Charizard in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Got even more excited when someone gave me a shiny lv.1 Charmander as a gift. And the fact that it constantly burns Ash's douchy face makes Charizard just teh coolest pokémon ever! :p
    Yeah I hope they will eventually, if not I'll just go to america in a few years, probably will anyway :)
    Always wanted to go to new countries and stuff :)
    [ What Pokemon ideas did it bring you so far?

    Do you EV train your Pokemon in the games or not? ]
    Sweet. If you ever need to trade version exclusives, let me know! ^_^
    6th gen is the first gen that I really liked both legendaries, it was kind of hard to pick between X and Y
    Which starter are you going to pick?
    Sounds like a plan! How did it happen Mienshao got to be your favourite Pokémon?
    Lol sorry purp I was away for quite a while.

    Anyway I finished my assignments! Time for preparing exams!
    Hah, such enthusiasm.. Very nice to meet you as well. I look forward to having awesome chats about Pokémon with you ma'am.
    [ Indeed.

    I don't cosplay myself, but I do like seeing nice Pokemon cosplays, I sometimes look them up on DeviantArt.

    Thanks! Do you EV train your Pokemon as well? ]
    I'm sure you will ;D
    Same here, it really looks amazing! I can't wait until next month
    Yep! I'm going to get X. What about you? :eek:
    That sounds totally awesome :D Cons are great, proble is the uk barely ever gets any.
    I didnt really do much, hung out with friends, went to the cinema a few times, beach, normal stuff i guess :)
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