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  • Well writing anything is certainly productive, but your deadline isn't for just anything. =p

    But fair enough, given I have not written much myself recently. XD
    But did you write any more afterwards!?

    You totally should write even more regardless, and for the right thing too. ;p
    Yes, that's certainly the case, and that's probably little wrong with being predictable with choices of characters too tbh. And besides I know I also have my favourites. =p

    And no problem!
    Well it is true though with not being predictable, like in your stories after all. Speaking of which they are now moved!
    Nope, doesn't mean much but I did ask for a reason anyways. =p Figures you like RP'ing as Lance though. XD Sure sounds like it's going well for you though!
    I read some of your fictions (well..more like skimmed. I didn't have much time)
    Anyway~ I think you're a really good writer! Could you put me on pm updates? (I'm not entirely sure hot it all works..I'm more used to deviantart

    We're sorry, you have reached the automatic message service from IC Ghost's homepage. Samantha is currently indisposed from unhealthy fits of manic laughter and inexplicable tears of joy. Should you like to leave a message, please do so after the beep.

    Oh wait so I'M on the bottom of the food chain now?

    ... Can I at least eat a tiny part of him before he eats me? D:

    EDIT: Also, you're off the friends list. WHAT FRIEND FEEDS HER TWIN AS A SACRIFICE? ;.;
    Hey there, FWIW, you can kind of clear my beta house cache xD They people you have with me are from a long time ago (and the story I needed looked in to can be taken down, too). I'm going to be reviewing again at least somewhat, so... FYI.
    Well...she's preppy now, it seems. XD That was by far the biggest change there, methinks. But after all, psychic and preppy both start with a p, no? *shot* Knowing some dialogue would be nice though. 'After three years of standing here on the spot waiting for another challenger worthy of my skills to appear... I decided that I REALLY needed a change of clothing. I mean, I stunk worse than a... smelly thing. So my old costume is in the wash, and I got this from some market at half-price. Well, actually, for free, I persuaded the person to give it to me. Hey, I can do those jedi mind tricks too. What's that you say? Oh yeah, Pokemon. Blah blah welcome to my gym now let's battle.' [/randomnonsabrinathing]

    Karen is probably the least liked, from what I've seen (and I've seen a lot XD), less people seem to mind Sabrina's change terribly much. =P Some people thought a dark-type user like her would have a less...colourful garp like that and so forth, IMO it isn't so bad.

    Now I'm thinking about the 'what if' situation in which someone's come into Misty's gym, beaten all of the random trainers there, and depends a battle with her for the badge...and then she looks at the challenger and starts smiling like that, or just turns around having already been smiling like that. A related 'what if' is what if the challenger was a guy. XD

    ...I think I'm starting to see what my thought patterns may be like in two days time, heh. XD Oh well, hurrah for spurs of thought of random whee.

    That is an alternative, yes, if a longer one. That requires some money as well. Or you could hire someone to just stand there and translate for you. That may not be the best idea though. XD
    A few of those, like Sabrina, are rather changed from before. (I suppose a lot can change in 3 years). Mostly for the better, I have to say. HG/SS is a pretty darn big improvement overall though.

    My guess is she's thinking 'I'M A GYM LEADER! =D', or 'MY GYM LOOKS WAY BETTER NOW! =D', or 'BOYS! =D' given she still has that 'boyfriend' (who isn't called Ash) when you find her in HG/SS. XD.

    But I want my spiffy artwork, darn it. :mad:
    Yeah, it is from the official guide. There's some other gym leader/elite four art from that about as well.
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