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  • dear pur


    I can haz no interwebz because of msn being silly.

    rest assurred tho, i shall be on "that game" for one moar hour waiting 4 u. it is nao 11:42 pm here.


    - Stalker
    YAY i think. =P

    I quite like his look. I don't imagine they've changed too much if any (Silver is pretty much how he is in GSC, only there's more of them this time around (=D) for instance, and the same for Clair, perhaps?)
    lmao, you posted it. XD I still say you should have waited, another 24 hours wouldn't have hurt, but neeeeevermiiiind... Looks good though. :3
    It sucks when one's internet craps out. >_< Unless it leads to actual productive writing, that is.

    You haven't? D= Go for him this time around again. =P

    Mean him battling with Clair. Just did that battle today, actually - didn't try to sabatage Clair that time, but who knows?

    And I'd say go for buying the real thing, would work on the DS Phlat which you could pick up for cheap with a bit of looking, I'd say. Plus you need the actual game to get the PokeWalker (and for the PokeWalker to actually work as well), which is in itself quite neat.
    Ooh, as for the second draft, sure, I'd love to help on that one. =D Just send me a VM whenever it's ready. I think I'll actually try to be a bit more active from now on, so I'll probably get it.
    Actually, I'll just PM you my thoughts. When I was betaing there wasn't much I had to fix anyway, and it's all just trivial stuff. You did a good job editing. :p
    ... A party is classified as credit hours? :p

    Don't I wish

    You know what I meant! I thought I'd have more time this quarter not less. lol
    I'm sorry I haven't been online much, but I might not be online tonight either, because my roommie is taking me to a party, and I've to help patch some uniforms. I thought I took less credit hours this quarter not more wtf X_x
    Being belated is fun but. =P

    I like the team changes. Now he provides decent(er) exp. for battling him over and over to get to Red, aka. the Experience Points King.

    I have seen his actions in the Hideout for myself now. =D Does the same stuff - still attacks TR grunts (yay, violence... or is that VIOLANCE? Oho, see what I did there- yeah, it's late, I know -_-). Also it appears he himself can use Strength on bookshelves. AND DRAGONITE FOLLOWS HIM ALWAYS.

    When I double-battle'd with him he was overpowered. XD Used Fly when I used Surd so I couldn't hit him, his Thunder Attacks missed, and for fun I Ice Shard'd him with a 10-levels-lower Lapras. Barely did anything. O_O (Although Lapras sucks with physical moves). With a friend he was more annoying though as he kept attacking the wrong Pokemon. XD Apparently to double battle you just visit your rival on certain days after beating the game in Dragon's Den and they turn up to battle you.

    HG/SS is awesome in a can within a sea of awesome, get it when it comes out. =D

    ARRGH *is poked*
    I'll have to apologize for disappearing on you and never getting back to you about the guide. I have dial-up back home (over the summer), so SPPf tends to load like royal suck for me until I get back to school. I'm not sure if you still need my help on the guide or anything, but if you do, I'd totally be cool with working on it. (Negrek seems to say a lot of what I want to say anyway, so.)
    I figured you'd like that info. XD

    Same team as GSC as well... but it also changes after one's beaten the game (i.e. Red) to include Pokemon from all generations. AND you can double battle him and Clair with yourself and your Rival afterward sometimes as well. =D

    HG/SS FTW.
    They sure made him more awesome in this game. XD
    My thread, my rules, my choice on how to run it. Don't like it? Tough cookies.

    That's ... a very close-minded attitude. It's a little like saying 'it's my fic and I'm not going to change it'.
    It's not a fanfic. It's a thread. It's mine. And as I said, I'm not going to change it- you seem to have a hard time grasping when you should or shouldn't force your views or opinions. I mean this is the exact same thing when I said 'damn ur review is almost tl;dr' and everyone assumed I didn't read when good ****ing christ I ****ing did.

    and thanks for that infraction you got me :D

    But outside that. It is my thread. I will run it how I want to. It's not a story. It doesn't need advice on how to improve; no one else seems to be complaining. Only you- meaning you're a minority not the majority in this case and again, I don't have to change it just because you are upset or disgruntled about something.

    Infact you seemed quite happy to turn a possible spam post into something productive, as even while I disagree with your views on the Sword of Truth series, it is intriguing to see what other parties have to say/their views are about things.

    But I guess you're trying to see the forest for the trees, aren't you.

    why would you want to hide them?
    And as I said AS AFTER THE FIRST TIME, you really DON'T need to re-read them.
    Why is it necessary for the bulk of the first post to be under spoiler tags? o_O
    It gives people the option to NOT see a first post that is basically rules I had to nail via a jackhammer of bold into the heads of people who could not grasp Please stop acting like blind snowflakes when I requested it, more than the first time.

    ... Maybe there should also a warning at the beginning that there are spoilers for various books in this thread.
    Um why? If you come to a thread with 'Authors/good and bad' and it's people posting summaries, wouldn't one naturally assume that oh people might post possible spoilers of books I like?

    And lastly, this was originally 'Bad Authors' but Sandra pointed out to me the carebox police might get on my case, again. So I revamped it.

    And you know if a book is both good and bad there's nothing preventing you from doing two summaries of the same book, capturing what was good in the first summary and what is bad in the second.

    It's my thread and sorry I am not going to change it.
    That's fine. And urgh, it sucks to be sick. Hope you feel better soon and good luck with uni and the editing.

    I'll poke you on the weekend, then. XD
    Hey, purple drake. Sorry to ask, but how's the new Advice for Aspiring Authors going on?
    Ah, well, no problem. No forcefulness whatsoever =P I just thought that the thread in general had very one-sided takes on this - either it's the reviewer, or it's the writer, but not both >.< Ah, well.
    Erm, ah, uh... xDD; *Falls over feet* I liked both. I like the Lance fic in how you portrayed him and all and I liked your Choice fic for how pwnsome the writing style is and for the characters :D;

    Yeah x3;
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