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  • 1: Notice the time between the postings? Notice the fact the only thing changed is lol, the chapter 1 became a prologue?

    2: If it didn't see my post that could mean it uses the reply box to gasp write.

    3; concerning
    And yeah, Twilight sucks. We know. You can stop talking about it now.

    I mean it's not like I'm going around saying how much I hate people here :)

    Edit: Btw I just noticed it seems you're obsessed with me dear and that's not good :< I mean you already know I'm a lost cause, I remember you commenting or agreeing with it to I think it was Psychic? So why do you bother/are bothered about whatever I post? There is the ignore feature for a reason honey :<
    Also, um, ignore the friend request if you'd like. I have a bad habit of not reading signatures. ._.
    Well, reading about the drama on people's LJs certainly is interesting, so I can see why no drama makes life a little lackluster. XD Still, it must be nice to have a chance to actually be able to get work done.

    As for your guide, I'm reading it as we speak. So far, I'm up to the part about grammar. I'll write up a full commentary after I'm done, but so far, things seem to be pretty straightforward.
    Oh noes! *newbie goes to hide in the wall*

    Hi there. I might just be. XD But seriously, I read what was on Psychic's journal, and I'm really interested in watching what comes out of it. It'd be really cool to see how the forum grows, how you start teaching new reviewers to not flame the crap out of people, that sort of thing.

    Also, I've got a fanfic, and I'm only slightly tempted to be an attention *****.
    No, what I'm saying, is bits of the story that weren't as good, together, are making it a poor story, and that it only needs those certain bits redoing to make it work.
    Yet, in my opinion, it didn't serve up as much of a story, grammatically and structurally speaking. The storyline's another story. You know what I mean.
    Thanks! It wont be until after my current fic, although I am planning on getting it up and running next year, if all goes according to plan. - my evil side. Right there. Right there. - I'll notify you.
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