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  • Dosen't game but plays Pokemon ;)

    There aren't very many new items that are usable. Assault Vest raises Special Defense by 50% but you can't use non damagimg moves. So I'm assuming you're gonna post a team?
    Ha... Too bad you're not here as you used too. I really miss you!

    Maybe you can stab him with needles.

    You're welcome <3

    It's for 3DS. They aren't too expensive now.

    Tsumiki is indeed Steph.
    And then you can have fun stabbing people with needles and dissecting people for a lot of money :D

    I listened to some of your stuff. I personally don't care much for rock, more of a rap person, but it sounds good. Better than I could do at least.

    There's been a lot of news, do you plan on getting it at some point?
    But what happened to becoming a nurse! :[

    Is it like really far apart, or what.

    You should link me to some of your music lol. Laziness is fun.
    Good god.

    I actually really enjoyed that entire album, though I was always too lazy to follow Atmosphere, particularly.

    Thank you. Now I don't have to talk to anyone and become a NEET.
    Not sure I know if I ever want to watch it after reading the description you gave me... Then again, I've never seen it before.

    How's your summer so far?
    Don't worry; for the better part of a year I've been thinking of leaving myself.

    Good to hear! Outside of Pokemon I haven't really read any manga or watched any Anime. Though I'd really like to eventually. Any recommendations? Yeah, I prefer staying at home too. Nothing too fancy, I don't live in the city either - I like how quiet it is in the countryside. Just relaxing and sleeping in and all that good stuff :p

    I know this is late but happy Canada Day!
    Not really as active as before. The situation in IGRMT has worsened sadly D:

    Will you be gone very long? Either way, hope you have a good time there. As for me, I still have school Monday and Friday, but after that I'm free. One of my cousins from New Brunswick is coming to stay with us for a while, so I'm pretty happy too. Though I probably won't go on a trip or anything.
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