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  • If you're able to put down all of your ideas together successfully than it's really fun but like all things, it can be frusturating at times..
    I wish I could sing :p Naww I'm doing some instrumental rock/metal so.. I'm playing bass, guitar, keyboard and programming drums (simulator kinda)!

    Aw lucky.. I'm only two days away but I have three assignments due on Friday :( And I'm getting a detention tomorrow if I don't work on this one project tonight.. UGH

    So is it up yet with no teams or still thinking about putting one up?
    EDIT: I guess it's not up yet?
    I've never tried composing music, however it'd be fun I think. Do you sing or play a certain instrument?

    You mean March break? I'm having it right now :D

    Well me and some other people have been making a new Archive for 5th Gen. It's a work in progress, but you should take a look sometime.
    Lol what happened to you.

    Well you should try to get around it soon, I wanna see it.

    They were pretty good. I hate skiing. Our school went on a ski trip and I basically stayed home :p
    It's ok, I haven't been back much since I posted that X:

    Not my part of the east, it's been rainy here all winter as well, but I'm a good trip south of Canada.
    When it actually comes time (in my timezone..), I'm probably going to forget about it so screw it, let me tell you now -- HAPPY NEW YEAR :D
    To anyone who visits this page:
    Idc if it's a few hours before it's officially the 25th... Merry christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of year!
    Try to post it soon brah , I would like something to work with.

    I actually got out a day early since tomorrow I'm not going to school.
    My plans? I'll probably stay on São Paulo on Christmas. It isn't bad, if you ask me...
    It just like New Year, people drinking, party everywhere with lot of people...specially Beggars xD
    And sure, LOTS of fireworks! We have a "battery" Fireworks that give us a total of 20 minutes...of fireworks!
    It's...awesome xD
    It's like that in Vancouver? Christmas being like New Year? xD

    The New Year Eve, i'll go to the Beach of Santos, on a more "private" place. Pass the New Year on beach is just great. The waves coming...and going, and coming ")
    But i hope that DOESN'T rain here!
    And i doubt that people in there enjoys go to Beach on Winter xD

    Skiing? Oh, i would love to do that! I never tried. It doesn't have snow here and no mountais too.

    Canada...here i go next year! Mwahaha!
    I've noticed.

    Only 4 days of school left , and I can sit back , spend some time on Serebii , drink some eggnog and play GTA 4.
    Same with me, actually.
    As you probably noticed, Lucas just broke our CP. I'm so...angry. I'm using my Smartphone to enter here, and it soooo slow, that sometime I'm sleeping, and seeing IGRMT teams just made my day more Sleepy xD
    But I'm also *back*, maybe i'll stay here for a time ^ͺ^

    Winter Holiday?......oh, i envy you so much right now.
    It's winter on Canada now =/
    It's Summer here. Christmas and New Years Festival will be THE day...to rain.
    Any plans to the Christmas and/or New Year?
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