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  • Send my condolences to the familys and friends of those who died in the conneticut shooting and those of the stabbing near an elementary school in China today.
    I think this is a sign of 2012 end of the world... The world will end with a bunch of killing sprees and then that weird **** will happen
    I'll have to agree with him! Post a Team...PLEEEEEEASE! or else, prepare yourself to my Caps Lock ON attacks

    How you're doing Purple?
    I'm disappointing in you my child. Now go memorize pomf pomf.

    I always thought wendy's was cool because the pictures on their signs were crappy so I don't get disappointed if I ever order anything.
    They had really good deals apparently.

    it's so easy to run though
    we'll train you to be the best jungler
    Did you actually know those lyrics by heart?
    I wouldn't be surprised.

    I don't even eat fast food. So never?

    you play Leagues?
    UMMMM long story short it was about a boy who could shoot fire out of his hands, who accidentally killed a guard or something and is exiled, and goes on an adventure to find out why he's the only one with these powers (until he realises he's not the only one). yeah i realise it's pretty similar to avatar, but.

    Discourages you in an encouraging way?
    yep, that teacher is really awesome :D no, it#s not a religious school, but in germany religion is required (or as a replacement philosophy if you're not christian)
    last week I wrote exactly the same test I alrady had written a year ago :O i can smell lazy teachers!

    well, there's the poke center nurse... she doesn't have pink hair, but maybe she just didn't want pink hair anymore and coloured it... why not?

    me first is such a funny move! I love it, it's really funny when you can beat half the opponent's team with a pseudo-STAB'd outrage you me-first'ed :D (yeah, I know, cool sentence xD)
    and if you copy a STAB move it gets really brutal. my lucario OHKOed the E4's conkeldurr with a (double-stab'd) hammer arm. that was great :D

    I just got another leftovers from DW^^ finally something that's worth it!
    I only went a few times , but it wasn't fun :p

    I don't have any Teams to post unless you don't mind me posting my Competitive Team.

    Ikr :D
    Yeah it's pretty much the same at my school. I didn't have to go /that/ out of the way for CAS; Action was taken care of through school sport teams, Service as well through the school mostly (and I volunteered at an op shop). I wrote 50k words of a novel for Creativity, that was fun n_n

    Yay! Mmmmmm yeah I can see where you're coming from, I guess. *shrugs* Are yours strict regarding education?
    I agree about TOK but I actually enjoyed writing my EE (it helps if you write it on a topic you find interesting) and CAS was... well, meh, I guess. A lot of work, especially with those CAS journals ugh 8000 words, I tell you!

    Yeah it really does :s Ah well, what can you do. *shrugs*
    Ahahaha thanks! They've been going pretty well so far; only two more subjects to go and I'm free!~ yay
    Ah yeah fair enough, a few of my friends took the SAT earlier in the year and all their time was taken up by studying for that. And mmmm yeah my parents are really strict about my education. As in 99% on a test is 1% too low. :p
    yep. we're reading 'after the first death' now in english. seems to be quite a cool book, it's cool written.
    my religion teacher is also really cool. a girl said 'O,h I didn't know you can drop religion after this year'
    and he: 'yeah, you'll go to hell, but hey...' :D
    but the people who have to write his religion test all got a 5 this time o_O

    sure she's there. who else could manage the hard task to pout the pokeballs into that machine???
    and lucario is still alive, just beat the E4. but it kinda doesn't learn extremespeed.... maybe the snackbars have made him less agile...
    Humans make for terrible people.

    Indeed, I just moved closer. Fool.
    oh god Oscar's onto me! It'd be a shame if someone took a dumb under your pillow...

    I only read Naruto, the anime can seriously go suck a male chicken.
    Did you go to the one at SFU? My friends went, but I was busy.
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