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  • so yeah I have 3 more requests to get done for addonexus (which is why i needed machamp and makuhita), so I'll just vm both of you when I'm done :)
    In the mean time I'll think of a couple other good pokes to ask for (i think he has an awesome shiny shaymin if I'm not mistaken? maybe an awesome shiny celebi? lol)
    oh i don't care if they're cloned, I have several cloned pokes from other people. As long as they are clones of legit pokemon I could care less lol
    it doesn't really need anything I just need a female one to breed with assuming that machamp has perfect IVs
    oh was the machamp so I could do the egg move bullet punch on makuhita?
    I still need a makuhita though, do you have one?
    ok I'll meet you in the wifi room :)

    Oh and addonexus made some more requests, so should I just tell both of you when I'm done with them?
    oh awesome thanks! I'll be on a little later, I'm still at work but will be leaving in like 15 min, so I'll just vm you when I'm ready?
    No prob! And tell him thanks for the pokes :)
    Do you know when he'll be on again? I think he had some more requests and there was another poke I wanted to get from him...
    everyone's really nice, if you just make small little comments here and there I'm sure you'll enjoy it and find more to talk about :)
    Oh, well he asked for two so I only assumed lol :p
    Ok, I'm ready now, so I'll just meet you in the wifi room :)
    lol sorry for being nosy ;p I was just curious, I didn't realize you were on the forums, let alone in our clan :D
    I should be ready in just a few more min. I hope you like your frillish, I love the shiny versions of them! :)
    And my fc is in my sig
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