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  • Here's your userbars. If needed, you may put them into a shifter.
    If you can make them smaller that be much appreciated.
    And your form is accepted, but I'd like to see it on PO on Saturday cuz I'll be back home then.
    15. With regards to clan leaders giving ownership of their clan's first post, this will only be granted to a clan if the change is a permanent one (this means clan ownership will not be granted if someone is going to be away for more a week or longer). In addition to this, clans will only be granted a total of TWO OWNERSHIP changes for main posts and other posts for the remainder of the clan's life.
    Due to this rule, you won't be remaking the clan. I'll make it so you won't have to edit anything, but you'll still have to keep up with the charts. You can remake those if you wish.
    Good Luck with Football and enjoy it to the fullest cause trust me YOULL MISS IT. IF YOU LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO YOULL LOOK BACK YEARS FROM NOW AND MISS IT!! :)
    If you're changing, that's okay. I'll be gracious about that. Next time you must fill out another form and send it to me via PM, but not this time.

    But you know, I've also considered adding a Field Effect team (Sunny Day, Rain Dance, SandStorm, etc.) so you could tryout for that, but you'll have to give me more time for that.
    Hey Pyro! I'd just like to invite you to be an E4 at the Genesis League since you're the co-leader at BI.
    Here's the form
    Elite Four Form
    This is just an invite, so there's no obligation in this.
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