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Recent content by Quackers

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    Pokemon Battle Academy (Updated)

    Name: Damian Delgado Age: 14 Gender: Male Description: Damian is average height, aroud 5'5-5'6. Looking at his face, his oddly colored eyes stand out the most. They are fiery-red, they even seem to shine. When his jet black hair is combed over his eyes, he looks somewhat demonic. He...
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    Naruto: A New Generation Sign-up v2.0

    Well, history is my worst part of the signup, so I don't think it will work.
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    Naruto: A New Generation Sign-up v2.0

    Ok, its done. Once again, sorry it took so long. I couldn't think of any good jutsus.
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    Naruto: A New Generation Sign-up v2.0

    Sorry this took so long, I was out of town. Name: Joshi Shoki Nick Name: Iron Age: 13 Gender: Male Ninja Rank: Genin Important Items: An iron club. Appearance: Joshi is kind of tall, almost 7", and quite slim. Despite this, he moves very slowly. This is because of his...
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    Surviving High School (PG)

    Name: Damian Delgado Age: 14 Occupation: student. Gender: Grade: 9 Description: Damian is average height, about 5" 6'. His brown hair hangs down over his eyes, the highlights often shining. The hair is parted on his blue eyes. As weight goes, he has a bit of fat, but not much...
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    Naruto: A New Generation. Let's talk.

    I guess that my post was overlooked. Are the sign-ups still open, and if so, wnat all is needed?
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    Naruto: A New Generation. Let's talk.

    Is there a spot left? I just saw this and want to join. It doesn't have to be in a squad.
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    Jassy and Jiggly: The RPG

    This seems like a good thread to make my RP comeback in. Name: Joshi Age: 1 month (about 16 years human time) Sex: male Species: a radioactively mutated fried chicken Appearance: A full chicken that is fried, so featherless and a brown. His beak and organs are still in tact, however. He...
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    The Life and Spams of Shpam Man

    I havent replied here in awhile. Sorry for my absence, but I don't think you really cared. But yea, give Sponge some time. If you keep pressuring him, that wil cause the comics to loose quality, which would mean that I, along with other people, would get upset, which would cause you to be...
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    The Comic Academy 2.0

    Do you need another teacher? If so, I'll help. Name of comic(s) you would like me to review (MUST HAVE HAD AT LEAST FIVE EPISODES): Cat Tales Preferred style(s): Megaman, Overwold (kinda, still getting better at this) Experience (how long have you been making comics): about a year and a half
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    Pokémon Journey Comics: A bore or an interesting Read?

    Avegaille, I just want to say that I am a fan of your comic, I just haven't had a chance to reply to it. And I know how you feel about journey comics. Most of them are boring, but if done right, they can break out of the mold that the game provides: Get a starter, battle rival, go around to...
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    Cat Tales

    Ok, it is finally done. Along with this is a new character! Chapter 2- Cat Kid
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    Gamer's Diary: Secret of Mana

    These are really good, but I just want to point out that the text in the last one is hard to read.
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    Pokémon Journey Comics: A bore or an interesting Read?

    As I thought about it, I realized that my last idea is harsh. I didn't think of that when I first said it. For that, I aplogize. And I thought about the adacemy, but how many new people go there anyways?
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    Old Name Change (Please read final post)

    I believe its been long enough. Current Name: Joshi New Name: Quackers