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  • Kevin: Why do I have the feeling this is going to end with us all being passed out on the floor?
    Mew: Why would you say that?
    Flame: *burst in* *holds up beer* PARTEY TI-I-IME!
    Mew: ...well, there ya go.
    Salad Fingers: *jumps out the window* *at the speed of light, flies to Mars' surface*
    Martian President: ****ING HELL! WHY ARE WE-
    Salad Fingers: *pulls out a big spoon and pushes it against Mars' surface*
    *Mars then hurtles backwards into space where it then explodes*
    Nitrous Oxide: *back on Earth* WHOAAAAAAAA. I'm gonna make a song about this!
    Me: Your a deranged lunatic! That's the problem!
    Flynn: *shakes his head* Oh dear, what have I created?
    Salad Fingers: G-give me-e a-a chance-e to shi-in-e and I wil-ll go get my S-sp-ooon Ars-senal-l.
    Me: *turns to CLU* Why, why, WHY would you do this!? Your gonna kill us all AND get the Organ(zation) in trouble!
    Samus: TO THE NUKE LAUNCHER! *grabs Snake and runs at the speed of light*
    Salad Fingers: SPOONS! Som-me spo-oo-n w-will solve thi-is problem!
    Cackletta: *burst in* No guys, Zim is right, we have a problem!
    *pans over to the outside* *Mars is heading towards Earth on a crash course*
    Silver: Who the **** caused this! ONE OF YOU BETTER ANSWER ME! NOW!
    Sark: I'll enjoy hell!
    Abraxas: Why am I your friend again?
    Ganondorf: Stop trying to be cool, kid. You would not enjoy hell.
    Sark: Gonna get you?
    Zim: *breaks in* I AM ZIM! ZIM HAS A ANNOUNCEMENT!
    I'll write it when I feel like it, probs will be a couple of days. (i'm still writing the next chap. for that living power plant story thing i told you about.)
    Oh and TOLD YOU. Chaos said the same thing I told you irl. More back-story. Remember the introduction paragraph thing we talked about? You have the first 2 paragraphs to hook your readers.
    I don't want to spam the thread with reviews that last a couple sentences. The main thing that I saw was that you didn't tell what it was actually about. Maybe you should post some backstory or start off the plot in some way. If I wasn't part of the RP, I wouldn't even know what was going on.
    Sure, I'd love to help you do a fan-fic version. I've always wanted to do one and this might help me get more experience with one. You're still continuing the RP though, right?
    Sadly no, I tried to get into it but was never able to become a true fan. I do watch the odd game now and then ~

    I am more of a NHL person.
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