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  • I have no ideaaaaaa. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I managed to transfer a bunch of mine recently, upon completeing the national dex.
    I just bred them. I did read something that said that often pokemon that are nicknamed can't be sent over for some reason.
    That would be Japan which isn't the retarded part of the company, and dark isn't that bad in my opinion, we don't want another palkia but that can set up, it'd get banned faster than mega blaziken
    What. That was the same with me actually. A lot of pokemon I just can't send like, for no reason. Whether they were mine or someone elses.
    Yeah, thanks so much 8D (not being sarcastic) I like getting helpful pointers. I just keep forgetting to go edit that post >.>
    I personally on Raikou run
    Thunderbolt, Aura Sphere keep it cause its good, Shadow Ball, and HP Ice if it has it if not Volt Switch or keep ExtremeSpeed for a priority move

    Flare Blitz
    Stone Edge
    Extreme Speed
    Sacred Fire

    Woulda said Iron head but its a gen5 move tutor so... Cause on Pokémon Showdown it works great, try some different sets on there with them, also air slash isn't that bad if you get the para hax, and sticky web up, and maybe after a string shot or billdoze before you use it
    Yes but Kevin24 says Pokémon that have the no specified region on the hacked pokemon can hack it to say its from kalos and it will appear like its from kalos, mainly for lv1 pokes but pretty sure it works on all of them
    Have them go to the town where you check hidden powers and have them check the memories on the entei and raikou with the memory girl outside the Pokémon center to the right, and have them tell you if the pokemon has a pentagon on it or not
    It would be a level 100 ev trained iv bred shiny one. I mean because even if the snake didn't want it the trainers would trample over it trying to get the rattata.

    Somewhaaaat I don't have much of stable teams yet. I don't think I even have you added on the 3ds still though.
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