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  • That could explain it, mind you I was also using a newer DS for about 10mins and didn't know it had an alternate FC (apparently the FC sticks to the actual device, and not the SD card/games you jam in it). Anywho, if you're on the hunt for any other shinies give me a PM/VM. Despite not trading that much I still come across the odd one or two.
    If you want to. Out of all of them, torterra is the closest thing to a competitive one (I got a while ago after showing a friend how badass it is when using an av).
    Yeah, I have all of those only that the legendaries are NFT (as all of mine have 6IVs and a ton of competitive use) and the shinies are all at their final evo.
    Yeah, happy I don't have to deal with flooding all that often or mudslides. Maybe that was why the law was passed, can't believe the people who get their cars stuck in the water. I don't know but it was sunny enough throughout the year and it rained a decent amount, sounds balanced to me.

    Used to be just Pokefarm but they created a new, updated site. I know of Bulbapedia, just didn't know they had forums.
    I like the rain as well, though it does make things more worse than it should, particularly with the traffic. I can't exactly blame the motorists for not being used to something that doesn't happen often, but one would think that everyone would remember what to do in various weather conditions like rain. I sometimes wonder if that's why the Stupid Motorist Law was passed in the state when it comes to flooded roads. Balanced weather? What kind of sorcery is that XD?

    Pokefarm Q doesn't sound familiar. You're probably the first Pokémon fan I've met who never knew of the existence of the Bulbagardens forums, lol. Of course, guess I don't have room to talk, I don't visit those forums, I just know Bulbapedia has one.
    Interesting. I've been in Arizona my whole life probably because all of my closest family lives down here (though on my father's mother's side, that family lives in Michigan), though I think it might also be because we're just too used to the weather down here. Kind of funny how we're all wanting rain in this state, and yet the thought of constantly rainy weather turns everyone off XD. I sometimes think Arizona's residents are the most bipolar over the weather than any other state residents because we're strictly used to one kind of weather: sun. (Though the upper-state residents might be different in that regard...)

    Ah, Tucson. So you're not in the Valley area. Still, it might be nice down there--I wouldn't know, I've never been down to Tuscon XD (at least that I can remember). It's probably not as busy as it is around here.

    I think the only other active Pokémon forum is Bulbagarden, but I've heard horror stories about the staff there. At least here, the staff does their job the way they're supposed to.
    Ah, do you have family up there, or was it because one of your parents had a job offer? Do you miss being up there, or was the rain/cold too much?

    Have you been a lurker in the forums for very long, or were so you easily impressed you signed up almost immediately? I didn't join the forums until 2006, but I had lurked on the site for about six months to a year.
    I have a pet Mississippi map turtle named Natsu (after Natsu from Fairy Tale). He's about two years old and has a couple of fish in the tank that he was supposed to eat but became friends with instead :(
    I think that's hilarious.

    Also noticed you're in Arizona as well. I think that's cool. You a native-born, or did you move here?

    Oh, and welcome to the forums. What brought you here, may I ask?
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