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  • Your welcome for the trade. Once you get some more events let me know, because there are a few shiny Pokemon you wanted left.
    Okay I am ready to trade now. I am going to trade from my Pearl version for this trade. I am going to head into wifi now.
    Okay give me a couple of minutes and I should be ready to trade. I will send you another VM once I am ready to trade.
    Which is the Celebi you gave me on accident. Did you only want two of that Ageto Celebi total (including original)?
    Okay I am ready to trade now. Also don't work about the filler Pokemon (useless Pokemon). Do you have useless Pokemon though for the shiny Pokemon you wanted (other than the Celebi)? Did you only want one of the Ageto Celebi you traded me on accident?
    Actually would you be okay with waiting about 1 to 2 hours, possibly 3 hours to trade? I have another person that is ready to trade, and I have to arrange times to trade with them.
    Okay I am going to head into wifi now then. Also can you trade me one filler Pokemon for one shiny Pokemon first? That way I can leave wifi after that trade, save my game and check to make sure my save file updated. Would you be able to do that for me?
    I am going to trade from my Pokemon Pearl version using my Flash Cart for this trade. I do have the same friend code and I am able to get into wifi. I won't be able to trade though until next weekend. Will you be able to trade next weekend?
    No I don't need you to re-list them for me. I just wanted to make sure I had all of them placed onto my Pearl save file, which I do have them all on my Pokemon Pearl save file.

    The only thing I have left to do is make sure I am able to connect with wifi and make sure my Friend Code is the same. I will send you another VM once I am ready to trade.
    Yes it will be over Wi-Fi connection in game. I am only going to experiment with my flash cart, since I have to place all of them onto my DS game. I will be easier for me to place them on my flash cart, rather than send them to my game individually.
    I have no problem trading you those events as well. I am going to try something that I haven't done before with this trade. I am going to experiment a little bit, and if this works then I will try it with this trade. I will notify what I am going to do in a little bit. I will also update this VM if I got the e-mail.

    EDIT: I received the e-mail containing the PKM files. I will send you another VM if this new method will work or if it won't work. I should be able to notify you within the next 3 to 4 hours, but possibly sooner.
    I replied to your post on T-B0ne & Lady Ariel's Shop of Shinies and Events.

    EDIT: Send me a VM once you have sent me those files and notified me what else you would like in return.
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