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  • People might not think that it's rude. People have different opinions. Well you did say that you weren't going to write it anymore. The Mods work quickly, I guess.
    So what? It just means that you have to work harder. No one should give up on anything so easily. Besides I can tell that you love to write. Why give up on something you love?
    I suggest uses it then. Word is kinda awesome. When it stops saying that I spelled my own name wrong, it will be awesome.

    *Narrows eyes* May? All right. But I'm watching you mister. No giving up.
    *Facepalm* Okay look, just because people question whether or not English is your first language dones't mean that you should give up writing. When someone pushes you down, you get back up. Every single time. Because if you don't get back up, that person wins. Get back up okay? Keep writing, get better at it. People suck at something at first, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. I suggest reading some more. Fanfics, books, newspapers, it doesn't really matter what you read, it should help. I also suggest getting Mircosoft Word if you don't have it. It really helps. (It catches my spelling mistakes.)

    So, are you going to get back up? Or are you just going to give up?
    Well its your story. You do what you feel what is best for the character. You don't have to go around changing the story to please the readers >.>
    Also talking about the grammar thing.... do you use different words on the same meaning like synonyms? Like the word simple to easy, to well... just in general use of diverse words that mean the same thing P:
    Ah well the reviewer needs to learn to respect what you write down <.> >.> Yeah you already pointed it out to him, but he seems to completely ignore it >:
    Ah well maybe it would be better to re-write it than letting your passion for writing go. Is the person complaining really one to write reviews or are they simly trolling you with nasty comments <.>?
    Well... don't give up. >:
    Sure criticism is hard to swallow sometimes, and I can see that people complain about your grammar and point out language. <.> But like another deviant said, you should take them as motivation to try and improve. You could continue writing and at the same time trying to improve as well. YOu could get help from someone to proofread your story P:
    Yeah, it is kinda difficult tp replace "you" in your prologue. I may advice you to use different font or colour, which will show that this person(you)was doing/talking
    Ah well silly reader >.> Maybe take some time off from posting there until you feel like you are ready and improved <.> And prove them wrong! D:< >:D P:
    Ah... I feel like gramar is not my forte too >.> <.> Isn't show don't tell like... make the characters do what they need to do while keeping it kinda like a surprise? Like do not show the plot twists, or whats going to happen because it ruins the little climax/turning point.
    Have you taken a Mary Sue/Gary Stu test? <.> I mean for the characters and see if you can change them a bit to be a bit more original P:
    Being young does not mean you will suck at this writing stories thing. I know a few of the authors I read from are young and have made good stories <.> So don't go with the I'm too young thingy ;^;
    Aww... well you shouldn't give in quite easily just because of the criticism <.> Its there to help you improve... unless its troll criticism >.>
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