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Last Activity:
Nov 9, 2019
Jun 20, 2012
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July 25
Bidoof Home
College and part-timers.

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Must protect baby frens, from Bidoof Home

What Jul 16, 2018

Quilavaflare was last seen:
Nov 9, 2019
    1. KenzeyEevee
      You are a nice person! Always stay yourself!
      1. Quilavaflare likes this.
      2. Quilavaflare
        Well uh, thanks but who are you?
        Sep 16, 2018
    2. Quilavaflare
    3. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      I'll give you mine if you want to look it up instead. Mine is Little Eevee. But searching that will result in multiple accounts, so here's the icon:


      You can tell the others too if they want to know.
    4. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      Wait, I found two people with the name Quilava Flare. Are you the one with the icon or with no icon?
    5. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      I'll send them requests, but they should probably know what my username is first! Right now it's CuriosityBear.

      Sometimes it changes, but it usually has Curiosity in it.

      But I have a Skype now! I'll send you a request! :3
    6. SpiralBreeze
      Resurrected? Nah, just on hiatus from the world of Pokemon. I had a baby girl last year, and she's a terror, so she took up so much of my time. My son was so much easier. At least she plays nicely with my Pokemon toys and doesn't chew them.
    7. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      I might do that. But, do any of you have Steam? I've been chatting with people through there.
    8. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      Welp XD

      There needs to be a better way if we ever want to just talk!

      If you and anyone else wants to talk. IDK how anyone feels after 3 years of little communication, when they've all moved on to other stuff XP
    9. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      But, as work gets done, things will likely look up!

      ...Man it's been 3 years since we first came here O_O
      Since we left the PTCG forums.
    10. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      I just come here once a blue moon o_O
      How have you been?
    11. Quilavaflare
      I don't even have any clue as to where everyone watches these things, anyway. Anime sites or something? I'll try. /emptypromise

      Very nicely, actually. Thank you. I'm not very good about studying a lot, but I usually do good even without it.
    12. Lucario188
      Oh man, if you get a chance you should give Ouran a watch, it's really funny!

      Alright. I think I have a different trainer name in almost all of my pokémon games. I started out with my own, then I did a variation of the capital letters, then I added a symbol at the end, then I started using other names. I used Luka in Alpha Sapphire.

      How did your midterms go?
    13. Lucario188
      Did I? That's not true, I didn't mean to say it like that, sorry ^_^;;

      That is good advice.
      I was asking about Avenue Q because of the song "It Sucks To Be Me" starts with the line "What do you do/ with a BA in English" xP
      (You've seen Ouran High School Host Club right? If so, check out this AMV; it's to that song.)
      It basically makes sense, but it also doesn't. Worrying about not worrying sounds like a waste of energy.

      That's okay, I'm not sure if I will be either; I'm back at school now and classes start tomorrow. Great~ My username is Luka.
    14. Lucario188
      I shall have to try it! Maybe I'll actually do it before I go to bed. Okay! Maybe once I get back to school next week I'll make the effort to get my DS hooked up to the wi-fi...
      I got a physical copy silly! (And a small double-sided poster ^^)

      That sounds a little difficult to deal with. Yeah I hope it works out well for you!
      Lol have you seen the musical Avenue Q? Yeah take it a step at a time :-)
      If you really want it to be different, put effort into changing the things you don't like and it will be different. Extra-curriculars aren't the end-all-be-all. If you're super worried about it, and you have extra time, you could still join something now, if you're interested. It's a normal thing to worry about a bit, but I wouldn't start now; it's way too far in advance!

      Edit: Figured out how to edit my username and stuff on my 3DS and I've registered you as a friend;you can add me back if you want: 3969-6347-8703
    15. Lucario188
      Yeah! Yeah. I guess so ^_^;; I think I can just edit his Mii to be myself, so then I'll only be stuck with his username. I'm just going to live with it I think. Oh yeah, that's a good suggestion, thanks.
      Oh, okay. I would only be stealing from myself though, because I bought the Alpha Sapphire game. (I got to go to the midnight release with my friends; it was super fun!)
      Don't worry, I gotcha! :-)

      Trust me when I say that is so so so not true. I haven't figured it out myself yet, and I know a lot of people who haven't either! It's all good. I can't really tell you to stop feeling pressured just like that, but I guess try to remember that college is a place where you can figure yourself out, or re-figure yourself out if you want. Yes, it's important to have a job in the future and stuff, but college happens before that, and you do have some wiggle room to make mistakes and decide what you want to do. And changing your mind and making mistakes is normal. Really, college is a fun time.
    16. Lucario188
      It already had Super Smash Bros. downloaded on it (which made it was a good deal; excellent condition 3DS with Smash for $100). This is also why I can't reformat it; I would lose the game... and my pokémon save data apparently. No, I don't have Pokebank so I'm not exactly sure what you mean but okay ^^

      That's part of it. I knew I wanted to study Japanese and play in orchestra and that I didn't really want to go to college like all the way across the country, so those were things I kept in mind when looking at schools. I also knew that since I was Undecided, a bigger school with a variety of options would probably be good. I mean, if someone is sure you know what they want to major it, then they can apply to the best schools with that major, but otherwise just go by other things. Oh, cost. That's also a factor.
    17. Dark Searchman
      Dark Searchman
      Don't forget to get rid of your signature in your Egg House post! =)
    18. Lucario188
      Haha yeah I guess so! Eh, it's not so bad. Definitely ^_^

      Yeah I think the choice is a new thing!
      Okay, I'll try to do that at some point while I'm on break! I have to figure out if I can change my mii and username thing because I got the DS used it's still set for the person who had it before me. It also isn't connected to the wi-fi at school [yet] because you have to go the IT help desk and get it connected specially because it can't download the wi-fi thing, and I generally don't have time to make a trip to the help desk.

      Haha yeah I totally understand. I also have many interests and am very undecided. If you're not sure on a major, I recommend going in Undeclared, because then you can pick your classes and try out different things (that's what I got to do and it's wonderful). Also, try not to worry about changing your mind, it's normal; most college students actually change their major at least once. And you still have almost a year to figure out where you want to apply and stuff, so don't stress. And yeah, I'm going to try to do the things that I enjoy doing most, because then I'll have the most fun, and be the most happy~
    19. Lucario188
      Haha I hope so ^_^

      Yeah! I love it! Unfortunately there's no magic or flying. We do have to hold brooms between our legs though! The quaffle is a volleyball, the bludgers are deflated dodge balls. All the positions are the same, except the snitch is a person. The chasers try to score through the three hoops, the keeper defends the hoops, the beaters hit people with the bludgers. If you're hit with a bludger, you have to dismount your broom and go back and tag your goalpost before you can play again. I'm mostly a Keeper, but I also play Chaser. It's kind of like rugby, but way more fun!
      I'm definitely not that advanced after one semester! I do aim to become fluent though. (I don't know if you got AS or OR, but you can choose the language you play in at the beginning, so maybe I can do that someday. (Also, I got a 3DS!!))
      I hope your finals go well, and that you get everything done! Yeah Kat and Apollo both have to work on homework and stuff today. Have you started thinking about college at all?
    20. Lucario188
      Hi Quil! Glad to hear it.
      Don't worry, I'm sorry I didn't respond to you earlier. You're right, I have been really busy. It was during exams when you first VMed me, and then I was doing holiday stuff, and more recently I've been busy with rehearsals for a play I'm in, and the GM. But yes, everything went/is going well~

      My first semester was you know, busy, but I got into the swing of things and I made a bunch of good friends and had a lot of fun, and did well in my classes. I'm sure if I told you, but I joined the Quidditch Team, which is great. I also took beginning Japanese, and I really like it a lot! I'm continuing with it next semester.
      How is your semester going so far?
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    July 25
    Bidoof Home
    College and part-timers.
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