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Nov 9, 2019
Jun 20, 2012
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July 25
Bidoof Home
College and part-timers.

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Must protect baby frens, from Bidoof Home

What Jul 16, 2018

Quilavaflare was last seen:
Nov 9, 2019
    1. Lucario188
      Well my high school actually encouraged us to come to school in a costume on Halloween, and I think costumes are really fun, so that's why I did it. I was Pikachu freshman year, Medusa from Soul Eater sophomore year, a Team Plasma Grunt from B/W2 junior year, and Vriska from Homestuck last year. The last two costumes I also wore to a comic/anime convention, so that's another reason for me to make costumes. I'm not going to have time this year though :-(

      I think it's never too late to start or try something as long as you're determined to put in some effort. But yeah, it's easier to re-invent yourself/your habits in college.

      Yes, that is a great description ^_^ A number of people ask about it, and I had a ton of fun playing. It's a bummer that there's only two rounds this semester and the next one isn't until the the first week of November. Though I guess spacing it out keeps it fresh/exciting.
      Have you done anything fun lately?
    2. Lucario188
      Thanks ^_^ It's not Pichu, but I actually have an awesome Pikachu costume. The hat is especially fun to wear. I'm sad that I probably won't have time to make a new costume for Halloween this year though (last year I was Vriska, a character from Homestuck).

      Hm, I am definitely one of those people who does all the things. I guess I stay up pretty late (~midnight) and I try to make good use of the time I have. Homework is totally a bummer. (See my "Occupation" either here or UPN.)
      Hey, don't worry. I will always listen to whatever you want to talk about :-)

      On a lighter topic, have you ever heard of the game Humans vs. Zombies? There's a round this week and I'm playing, and it's really fun!
    3. Lucario188
      No kidding! :-)
      Yeah, there's a lot more freedom which is nice. And yeah, things are good so far!

      I kind of know, and I kind of don't. I'm busy all the time, and there are always things I wish I had more time to do (draw for fun, play pokémon, play ukelele, read and watch various things) so I'm never "bored" because if I ever have free time I do one of those things. I know what it's like to have the same routine every day, but if you can get through all the stuff you're required to do (school, homework, eat food, shower) then you have time to do whatever you want! Do you feel like you have a lot of free time where nothing happens, or it's more the same routine where nothing changes?
    4. Lucario188
      Hi Quil!!
      Yeah, time flies.
      You heard right! Things are going good, but I'm really busy. It's cutting into my PASBL time actually, but I'm still managing. College isn't intimidating, at least I don't think it is. I've joined/been to several clubs (there's a Pokémon League here, which is awesome!) so that's good. I got a job at the computer store (which is eating some time, but I enjoy working there). I'm taking a weekly violin lessons and playing in the orchestra. And one of my classes if Japanese, which I'm really enjoying!
      I'm just really busy xP

      How are things with you?
    5. Lucario188
      You're welcome :-)
      Aw man, that stinks! I still have two weeks (>bragging but also feels bad for you)
      Likewise Quil ^_^

      Aw okay, I understand. I'll let Connor know. Have the best school year!
    6. Lucario188
      *nods* That makes sense. I know what you mean; over the course of this summer I've learned that reffing four battles at once is a little much for me. I'll definitely be sticking to two or maybe three in the future.
      At least you know yourself well and understand what your limits are.
      Thank you for the well-wishes ^^
      Okay, I'll just say, see you around soon!
      Remember, if you ever get a skype account feel free to look me up (I don't go on every day but I'll get your request when I log on) and also if you ever find yourself with some free time you could consider reading Homestuck!
    7. Lucario188
      :-( Aw, well, okay then. I mean, I understand, but I'll miss talking to you. You're one of my oldest internet friends!
      Have you considered starting a Wild Future adventure? You don't have to update it every day, and it would give you a reason log onto UPN.
    8. Lucario188
      Okay, awesome!

      It's okay; I understand. Aw thank you Quil ^_^ I'm bittersweetly happy to hear that. I'll miss you too! I hope you consider it! Does this mean you're going to leave Serebii/UPN too?
    9. Lucario188
      Hey Quil! I saw your TA; I'm sad to see that you're leaving ASB soon :-( It's worth reiterating that one of my favorite, if not my all-time favorite, battle was with you.
      Would you like to go forward with our battle? I'd like to (I've sent Connor my PM), but I'm totally fine with whatever you want, no hard feelings. Connor is a fast ref, so we wouldn't have to wait on reffings if you do want to continue. I'm not sure that we'd finish in a month, but doubles can go pretty fast. What do you say?
    10. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      Oh.... really?
      That explains some things... um...
      Arg! *slaps forehead*
    11. Murder Doll
      Murder Doll
      Hey look it's your birthday, have a happy one.
    12. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Happy birthday mate. :)
    13. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      It would be so weird hearing everyone's voices. So use to text and an avatar.
    14. Ex-Admiral Insane
      Ex-Admiral Insane
      So you need someone to ref the final minutes of your battle and you're doing me a favour by asking me so I can get some SP? Doesn't sound too conniving to me. I'll do it but I won't get to it till a later today.
    15. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      No, maybe I will next year, if they are still doing that. What do they talk about?
    16. Ex-Admiral Insane
      Ex-Admiral Insane
      No idea where he went off to. I'm willing to DQ if I don't hear from him in a while
    17. Ex-Admiral Insane
      Ex-Admiral Insane
      Nono, that's fine. I had posted a TA saying I was going to be missing for 2 weeks and that you were free to replace me. I had assumed everyone would. Thank god, otherwise that means I left you hanging for 2 weeks
    18. Ex-Admiral Insane
      Ex-Admiral Insane
      Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier. I got back from my vacation so I can ref if needed, unless you've already found a replacement
    19. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      Yes yes.
      i don't come on here that often, though.
    20. Rocxidi
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    July 25
    Bidoof Home
    College and part-timers.
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