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  • Okay, that's what I thought but I figured I'd link it anyway. Yes, looking forward to it!

    Ah okay, that makes more sense. Yes, yes it would.
    It takes me at least a half an hour to ref a paragraph or two on a regular keyboard!
    Yes, there is a mobile version (not sure if it's web). Let me go look... okay, here's the link. I'm still not sure how it works though.
    You use a Wii for all your internet stuff!? That sounds a little annoying. Like, how do you type?
    Quil, Lit and Kat are wondering if you have a phone capable of using Skype, which would be a smartphone I guess.
    (>Doesn't have a cell phone ^_^;;)
    You're welcome!
    That's okay; I'm happy that you'll have a chance to use it! It's definitely better than nothing. I'll look forward to next week then! Do your weeks start on Sunday?
    Sure, I'll do it right now! I hope you can; that would be awesome!!

    No problem, I understand. Part of the reason it took me so long to respond last time is because I didn't have enough time to spend responding to everything at once.

    Yes, your name is now Quilava Flare, and I just re-sent the request :)
    Well, most of them don't come in TM form- Flash used to be an HM, but became a TM move instead in Generation IV. Same with Rock Smash in Generation V.
    No, applies to all of them. Also, one more thing... you can only teach a Pokémon a move as an HM if it could learn the move from an HM. Thing is, Espurr can learn Flash, but it could only ever learn it from a TM as opposed to an HM, so you can't teach it Flash in the Training Center- you need to get a TM Flash for it. I personally think it's a stupid rule, but it's still a rule.
    It happens. At least you did remember this time. Oh, and by the way, I don't know if you know this, but you can only use a Pokémon in one shop at a time- your Torkoal can be used in the Daycare or the Beauty Salon this week- not both.

    Sorry about the battles. Ever since my Tablet broke, I been on Serebii less of the times.
    But I do miss Spiral and Muzi and Seth, and I miss our stories and characters. That was my first forum, and I couldn't have started in a better place. I made some long-lasting friends (you, Lit, Kat, and Apollo) who I'm really happy to still be close friends with today, and I guess in that way it's the best of both worlds now.

    On the other hand, even the the PASBL community is bigger, recently I've felt like I'm becoming a real member of it; I’m getting to know everyone better and they’re getting to know me instead of seeing me as just another newbie (Skype chats help with this). The people are great and it's an awesome and welcoming community, and I think ASBing is really fun. Like, I had always wanted to be a trainer in the anime, and now I can "do" that. But you’re right, it is more complicated, and it’s not like disagreements don’t arise.
    We’re older now though, and I therefore think this is a better fit for us now. But Slowking's Guild forever!
    Wow, the city is that big?! That's so cool. I normally buy pokémon guidebooks, because I don't like constantly looking moves and items and stuff up online, and I didn't have a laptop in the past, but I wonder how big the map is! I know I could go look it up online right now, but I don't want to spoil myself before playing the game, which I imagine I'll probably do someday, if I ever get a 3DS. As for animal cruelty, the "animals" don't get killed, and they enjoy battling. They're also viewed as friends, and people wouldn't want to force their friends to get hurt, I don't think.

    Don't you fight Darkrai as part of the main story? In Dark Crater? During the main story arc?

    Okay, I'm sorry Quil, I know what you mean. Thank you for your trust.
    As for not downloading skype, that makes sense as to why you couldn't use it. That's too bad about your parents! I totally understand how that can be. It's okay, though it is a little depressing. Everyone was excited to talk to you.
    Well, in a couple years, if we still talk (hopefully we do ^^), and you leave your house for college or whatever, then you can download it!

    Aw that's a bummer. You shouldn't force yourself if you're not having fun though. Thank you for getting me into it, at least! You can just let your matches finish without picking up any new ones, and then start a WF adventure instead. And you can still post in the PASBL TO, if you want to!

    Yeah, it was. It was smaller and it was just writing from you imagination, and hanging out in that record post thread. (I also had way less homework then xP). I don't miss the RPs that would die really quickly, or the arguments that seemed to happen quite a bit, or the fact that it was so tightly moderated.
    I have a list of things that I want to do, plus the internet is infinite, so I'm never bored. I've been going online more, reading more, and working a little. I'm also teaching myself the ukelele and reorganizing my old pokémon cards, and there are various things that I want to draw.

    Sounds logical. Good luck!

    You're welcome :) If you're able, I highly recommend it, if that's not obvious.

    The music was great too; I especially liked the poison and ice kingdom themes.
    Haha that's awesome ^^
    I can agree with you there. The Gamecube disk that I was thinking of is called "Sonic Mega Collection", which has 7 old Sonic games on it, but I don't remember which of those is the one I like best, as I haven't played it in ages.
    That sounds cool. I'm sure the graphics are better than the Gameboy version xP
    I too heard MK8 was pretty good. Double Dash all the way though. Look at all the fun they're having. Oh my gosh this came out in 2003. I played this for the first time with my cousins something like 8 years ago. Now my family owns it because they gave their Gamecube and games to us, but anyway that is crazy.
    Yes you did lol. Yeah that's probably what they were going for. This is way more entertaining though.
    No, not until it was gone :-/ That's really sad.
    Sounds good! I've actually had a couple dreams about that too; one was really weird but the other was normal.

    Really? That's maybe a little scary but mostly interesting.
    I just looked up the ghost girl, and I found a good article on it. I'm curious as to what her purpose is; I doubt this is true, but I'd like to think that Game Freak just put her in there to mess with people.
    I really should look this up. Hm, it looks like you have to go Spacial Rift (I love the music there), and encounter and defeat Palkia. Sadly if you've played the Manaphy arc there doesn't seem to be any more story. This website has all the answers, if you don't mind possible spoilerage/ruining surprises.

    I got a B- :) I can take matches without asking permission now whoo! It feels kind of weird not to ask permission.

    Okay, if you have a mac, open Finder, choose Applications from the list on the left, then scroll down and click the Skype icon. If you have a PC, I'm not sure where it would be, but you should be able to use the search feature and search for Skype. In either case once you click on it it will prompt you to log in.
    As for the request I'm sure it's you because of your username and actual name (same as the rainbow version gmail). I just typed you an instant message, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to see it without accepting my contact request. I have a mac, so I think the layout might be slightly different, but the request should show up under the "RECENT" heading on the left side of the skype window. If that doesn't show up you should just request my contact info. I'll tell you how to do that if you can't find my contact request.

    Oh, I see. One of my matches is at a standstill right now, but the other two are moving quickly, so I'm content with that.

    Wild Future is going well. I didn't actually start until after April Vacation, and then I didn't get an updater for a while, so I haven't progressed very far (I've only made three posts) but it's really exciting and fun so far! My character has obtained a strange package, that was probably stolen, and is figuring out what to do with it. It's making me realize how much I missed RPing on PTCGO.
    I'm sorry for not responding in a month! I've been busy with AP exams and senior year winding down. I'm out now though! Are you?

    How would that work? Does your school have enough computers for everyone to be using one at the same time?

    That's understandable, especially considering it's length. You are also right; it is really fun. I will make it a point to remind you in the future. It's actually a great thing to just have on hand. Like, read a couple pages every so often. I keep a email draft where I just saved the link of the page when I stop, replacing the old link, so I can always start right where I left off whenever I want.

    I look things over before buying them too! (I also realized that I forgot Pokémon Conquest on my list.)
    I wish I could find Red and Blue at a yard sale! I love yard sales.
    I've only played older Gamecube ones. My favorite is where you can play through what I think is the original game, or maybe it's Super Sonic, if that's a game title. I'll look it up and tell you next VM.
    Metroid is cool. Double dash is the best Mario Kart, yes agreeing forever. Just preemptively judging all future Mario Kart games to be not as good as Double Dash, because that's the way it is. Speaking of Mario Kart, have you heard of Luigi's death stare fro MK8? There are a bunch of funny short videos for it.
    Ahhhhhh I didn't know Nintendo Wi-fi was ending!! That is so sad! I'm sorry for not responding to this sooner! I would have loved to do that. If we ever meet in person we will play Mario Kart DS.
    Oh yeah!

    That's true, but on the other hand, any bad people in the pokémon world can be defeated in a battle. They don't like, use guns and stuff, and if they lose a battle they accept defeat. Cities aren't dirty and don't have sleazy parts. And most people are friendly and helpful. I mean, obviously the real world isn't like that (unfortunately), but we can imagine that the pokémon world is!
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