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    Hey, there are new friends for, right? We will make a lot of fun together! :)
    I am doing alright just been busy with things and tef is going well still which I am doing alot of make over which the tournaments now in the guild section is back in the threads >.> also I got my art shop back and work in charizard rulez's trade shop now. also xat are dead news that is why which discord is suppose to be the new thing now which I might just do it now not sure.
    quoooooooottteeee <3 I never would thought you would of message you were gone so long :c thanks yes it is ^_^ thanks!
    Nothing really. I recently came back from a hiatus, especially since SuMo is near. Just mainly dying I'm dying from school starting again x_x
    I saw your question about the xat and I believe it has been dead. Possibly discord is the new thing now. I don't really know
    RIP QuoteMissy
    May 7, 2012 - April 26, 2015

    May you be remembered with that TEG xat chat when there was multiples of you.
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