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  • hey quote got a question to ask you do you have a hands on a rng defog latias? I don't care if its shiny or not I just need one for a team until I rng my own.
    thank you i am glad too and idk he seemed very consist but i guess you may be right :/ also wow lots of stuff you were doing i see and lol I haven't checked the rest of my marills tsvs only because since i can't really do that here only because i can't give them away unless its pm which this is the only site I am on alot :/
    you welcome and i am fine i finally got over the illness i had omg it was horrible it ruined my christmas. I was sick in bed the whole day -_- I had a relapse going to work to early too so i was off through new years as well :/ I am better though thats why im so behind on the shop but working on catching up. Also tef league is finally up and doing good so far. I told aeons anyone that is in PD like to have some fun battles they can come over to challenge the league if they like :3 Also, when i was sick I saw that guy btw in your guys thread I wanted to seriously go nuts on him -_- You guys are nicest people in the world as well as he was seriously a troll. I don't like it when people mess with my friend's guild it makes me angry but I let you guys take care of it though which I saw you did :3 I don't know why but its like a saw that username before back in the day like its deja vu or something.
    Hey quote do u know zekroms exact iv's? I looked on an IV calculator said he had flawless but HP but IV Guy says just 3 rather then 5
    QUUOOOTTTEEEE hey :3 how are you? you got some spare time to come on the xat tonight or busy its pretty decent today..
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