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  • hi quote just letting u know i have your shiny zekrom ready, 5 clones +original so 6 in all, i've marked the original in the 3 flawless stats it has i can trade when we both are on at same time :)
    that's not to bad 39 seems low, i'll have to try once i go for the charm, not sure why there's a lock on anything honesty shiny deoxys is awesome same withe the primal forms of kyogre/groudon n mega rayquaza
    lol thanks work is lame :p just curious how many resets did it take u,i haven't attempted my own zekrom yet, i didn't know thunderus n the other legends could be shiny i did know about zekrom n reshiram, i thought about get OR just to try for reshiram, hopefully u get lucky again!
    ok great i'll get on after my physical therapy which is at 6pm EST usually lasts about 45min but after i'll be free rest of the night
    you welcome and oh i see you were sring for a shiny and found that and btw lonely isn't bad either it can be a mixed zerkrom now XD I rnged event one lonely nature.
    ahhh yeah i had a feeling you were who wouldn't be XD but yeah it is a ouch atm :/

    edi: also nice zerkrom btw and wouldn't that suck if you were sring and found a shiny XD I would die atm i saw it shiny while i was trying to get a good spread lmao
    quote :3 hey there how it going? I saw you posted you been busy for the holidays? so have I also i think i caught the flu i had to leave work today early I feel asleep right when i came home i just logged on i feel a tiny bit better but still horrible gunna try to go to the doctors tommorow to get a note and try to get better. I may have to miss work tommorow.
    Hey Quote saw ur message in the shop while browsing if u need a cloner I could help I've cloned for fairy plenty of times and for others if u need the help :)
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