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Last Activity:
Jul 10, 2014
Aug 16, 2010
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Home Page:
My Own Personal Hell
Student, High School

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Petals and Leaves, from My Own Personal Hell

Qymaen was last seen:
Jul 10, 2014
    1. Jazz™
      Heya, the Dragon Quest Club is open again, so if you want to join, click the userbar in my sig!
    2. Mochi10
      Fixed your banner! Hope you like it :)
    3. Mochi10
      Your request at Mayonaka Graphics is done!
    4. cookies kill you
      cookies kill you
      Love your signature
    5. Jolteon91
      It's about a Highschool girl who becomes the captain of a ship because her father died (in this world the only way for a person to become a pirate captain is to inherit the position when a parent dies). As for being good, it's very up and down, the first story arch was really good, it did enough to hook me in, the one after that started out slow, gradually got better and better before a fairly anti-climatic end. I'd definitely recommend it though, it has some fairly interesting characters.
    6. AlexandriaTheMixed
      Lol thanks. You can use it if you want. (:
    7. blackterravolt
      Thanks! Credit goes to Candlelight Graphics for the banner. :)
    8. Mickmon95
      Oh okay that explains it. I had subscribed to the thread so I got an e-mail that you had SU'd but when I checked it was gone. I thought something was wrong with my internet or something. But it's fine.
    9. Mickmon95
      Did you SU for my RP?
    10. Charizard Champion#06
    11. bobandbill
      If the banner itself links to the shop or say a message like 'Banner from here'/'Banner by *person*' below the image links to the shop then that is fine.
    12. bobandbill
      What Doodles says is correct; regardless of if they mind or not (and maybe they didn't say because they didn't see?) you need to give credit for images in your signature not by yourself. It's one of the signature rules so please add the credit in.
    13. Doodles
      Regardless it is still against the rules.
    14. Ysavvryl
      Hi there! Sorry to be so late on getting back to ya on the Fakemon Club. Anyhow, you should check the first post in that club thread. You need to post one of your fakemon, some information on it, and have a request to join in your first post (or second, or third). But good to know you're interested.
    15. Doodles
      You know not giving him credit somewhere in your signature is against the rules, right?
    16. Gelatino95
      If you get it on Netflix, you can see the whole series. I used to watch a couple episodes as a kid, but I really got into it when I watched all the episodes.
    17. Gelatino95
      Love the sig. Too bad new episodes aren't until February.
    18. ~Light
      Your request has been made ! :) Come pick it up at Candlelight Graphics !
    19. ~Kurou
      Who made the banner thats in ur sig?
    20. Jb
      Thanks, the pony vecters aren't mine though, I just uploaded them. When I get my new laptop I can start making some.
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    Home Page:
    My Own Personal Hell
    Student, High School
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Pokemon, Star Wars, History, Alternate History, Basketball


    Fight Between Warriors: Usopp vs Luffy​