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  • Oh wow, that's been a loooong time lol. I've been doing pretty good, though I wouldn't know how else to explain it lol. How 'bout you?
    That's right, I went through the same kind of stuff as well.

    Yeah it seems to have really fallen, even with the new games. I think forums in general are on the decline tbh.
    It's alright imo :)

    I couldn't help but notice you VMing old friends on here. I miss a lot of the activity this site used to have, now everyone is either gone or banned.
    I hate that phrase in any context. Life is not a game, nor is the oppression of all races but white. No one is "playing cards." So many believe they were taught to not see race, when in actuality, seeing race is the most important thing they could do to understand where we all stand currently in society and how to fix it.
    Exactly. It's really disheartening knowing just how many people there are that don't understand the problems the black community endures, especially in the face of law enforcement.
    hello! i was wondering if you still had a 5iv meloetta? i've been looking all over for someone who had one for trade, and i was wondering if you still had one or at least a clone of one? i have a few high iv competitive shinies or 5iv competitive pokemon if you're interested! (wasn't sure if you recieved private messages, so i decided to post here, heh) thank you in advance!
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