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  • Ok this is my White 2 Team

    I'm going to get White 2 and make a White 2 Team but yeah I have every main series game :) I'll show you the team in about 10 minutes :)
    Oh and for my Emerald Team I changed Gardevoir to Xatu I also switched places for Forretress and Muk so Forretress is second and Muk is third
    I know that but I used every Pokemon like I said before and I really like these but uh.... those other shinies are in my Ultimate Ghost Team like in my signature I haven't even made that team yet :)
    Ok but I'll have to do it after I'm done with my shiny Golett, Litwick, and Yamask then I'll give it to you that'll be in about 2 days or tomorrow :)
    I hatched a Shiny Mudkip today with the masuda method and it only took 35 eggs!!! and I'm doing this on Pokemon Black and I stopped with Heracross
    Do you know what a roleplay is? Basically, you just write an adventure with another person. You write where you want to go, along with what you say and think, and then an updater writes what you do next. It's like you're working together to build a story. In Fizzy Bubbles, you can capture Pokemon, buy things in shops, spend money at the Casino. It's really fun.

    (Sorry for the late reply. I forgot you sent me this.)
    I was thinking that I don't want a Shiny Remoraid because I'm gonna have that on my team and I don't actually like the Yellow Octillery so I stopped with the eggs :)
    Nice, Blaziken is my fave Hoenn starter! Hoenn is also the only region where my fave starter is fire.
    Kanto: Squirtle
    Johto: Chikorita
    Hoenn: Torchic
    Sinnoh: Turtwig
    Unova: Oshawott
    I think Mr. Mime and Sudowoodo should appear in B2W2 but I don't think they'd be version exlusives. But if they are:
    B2: Mr.Mime
    W2: Sudowoodo
    Sweet! Those Pokemon are all really awesome... wait, all Pokemon are really awesome! So you chose Totodile, nice. Is your Gloom gonna evolve into Bellossom or Vileplume?
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