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Recent content by R?IDDl3R

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    Is Iris heading to Hoenn?

    Wow you know you may be right, im looking forward to what pokemon will bring of this.
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    Is Iris heading to Hoenn?

    After watching to Iris special, she sees a rayquaza fly into the sunset and says "im heading to where rayquaza's flying" do you think this is true? or am i missing something.
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    Seeking Shelter from the Storm! (817)

    feels feels feeells at the end but a very good episode indeed, ive been liking all the XY episodes so far.
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    To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler! (815)

    the episode felt like it was leading up to ash catching vivillon!!! ahhh i got mad but great episode vivillon would have been a good friend
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    Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! (810)

    XY has really been a fresh breathe... i feel a really good vibe in this season.. black and white was good.. but the feeling and bonding wasnt quite there. i adore bonnie clemont and serena more and this was a really good episode!!
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    Lumiose City Pursuit! (805)

    :O !!! 2 jaw droppin episodes WOW i never been more excited for a new series in my life every character is perfect!! i love it!!
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    Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! (804)

    IK!!! i was so pumped these past two episodes have been great!!!
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    Best Wishes Until We Meet Again! (802)

    yes ik i hate goodbyes :( but the emotions were lacking i kinda expected it because i mean they were a great trio but not as good as the others :) the others departures made me sad this one was lacking unfortunatly due to it being so out of nowhere. Im gonna miss Cilan i was expecting him to go...
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    new tork city and castelia city??

    im sorry i may be a bit confused but isn't Castelia city based on downtown manhatten in the unova region.. and in the new pokemon movie.. new tork city is all of new york and far from unova.. im confused.
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    A Pokémon of a Different Color! (797)

    hahaaaa! i missed clair! glad to see her comeback! episode was pretty good funny how alexa left and iris' flashbacks and iteractions with druddigon and dragonite were good too!
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    Searching for a Wish! (793)

    Could not have said it better really good episode, brings me back... gema was okk good ending :)
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    whatt?? why?? i don't follow on the japanese verions so i wouldn't know yet but anyone got a clue. i was hoping cilan would go with ash to kalos.
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    The Path That Leads to Goodbye! (792)

    i liked the forth wall breaking and fine episode iris did get annoying but them making up was cute
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    Butterfree and Me! (791)

    dammnn ik me to :( but i loved it still a good episode
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    Crowning the Scalchop King (787)

    damn i was so shocked when the flashbacks came on i was like NOOOO but im glad oshawott stayed he has alot more with ash then anyone else. that cadbury kid was annoying too.