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  • To avoid veering off-topic, I'm posting here - at present, I like the idea that Shauna and Calem/Serena will be the rivals (Shauna takes the one weak to you, C/S takes the one that's strong against you). There just doesn't seem to be as much information about Shauna's personality as there is about Tierno's and Trevor's; she's described as being eager to "discover her dreams" which I assume she'll do by going on a journey and battling, like most Trainers. In contrast, Tierno is pre-occupied with dancing and Trevor just wants to complete the Pokédex. And, while this is just my own speculation, I think it's possible that Trevor and Tierno may already have their own Pokémon, which would explain why they were entrusted to distribute the starters and Pokédexes.
    I've contacted CrusherTheFeralgatr about this, too.

    Remember this post that you made?

    I love how the two with Pangoro (Dark type) as their avatar are relentlessly defending Dark types from Fairies (XD), but even if it weren't for Pangoro, I would still disapprove of making Dark types even weaker. I don't want my BAMF 6'11 Pangoro loosing a puny 0'9 Flabebe because of a 4x weakness to Fairy.

    Guys, I'm joining the group - for the sake of Pangoro, true, but also for the sakes of Dark-types everywhere.

    Count me in. Screw the three Muskedeers. We're the three Pangoro. Pangoro is said to be unable to forgive those who pick on the weak. We will do the same - we'll defend Dark-types everywhere from these cruel injustices. We're doing this Pangoro style...

    *Changes avatar from Hydreigon to Pangoro*

    ... because THAT'S HOW WE DO.

    I'll defend the Dark-types with every post I can. Will you?
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