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  • I can't criticize you. I named my town in WW Hyrule and in this one is Almia. I wanted a Pokemon region or something but wanted one more obscure. In case it doesn't ring a bell right away, Shadows of Almia...?
    ...Well, semi-obscure.
    Hah... Third person on my Friend Roster with Sinnoh as their town..
    Ahem, anyway...

    I'll come over to your town to pick up the Sandcastle (and Ghost Umbrella? Was that part of the deal? I forget.) in a bit...
    Usually we do the FC thing via Visitor Message.
    I'm surprised you don't have more of those.

    And most of our FC's are here, too.


    Name: Matt
    Town: Almia
    FC: 2664-5613-8889
    Reading a post of yours just is a fantastic breath of fresh air after reading some of the things here.
    I do what I can.

    (also Slakoth make awesome hats)
    They strike me as being rather high maintenance. A hat you have to feed and bathe? I'll pass.
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