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  • How many times have I told you that there's NO NEED TO SAY SORRY?! Silly goose. :p
    Okay, you can get going. For now, I can just relax because I need to wait for Jonah before I have to post again. Yaaaaaay. - v -
    I might see it sometime, but for now, I'm busy working on my post. I got a bit of a motivation jolt, thank Arcemew.
    No, why would I?
    The last time I told you I thought someone had a nice booty, you gave me a strange look, so this development was a bit surprising.
    Woohoo! :D I still need to do work, since I have a big project due in two days, but I might be able to come on every once in a while.
    Aww, I really wanted to see you draw her. :/ *cue disappointment*
    Haha, what are you doing up so early? :p
    That's good. Mine can't be up until Jonah's is up, and I have to finish a big project for school, so...
    Yeah, I know! I'm not starting the comic yet, though, because I want to improve my art a little more. I still can't draw backgrounds very well, I don't have a consistent style for humans, and the plot isn't completely figured out yet. But hey, at least I got that done, phew.
    I have plenty of white paper. And yesssss, my parents said you could!
    Also, this might be important for you to know - some girls who used to go to my school are going to be there. One of them is a 6th grader, and one of them is a 4th grader. We have to keep them entertained, but that shouldn't be too big of an issue. They're both adorable and also like Pokemon.
    I'm sure you'll get there. We're both going through very intense style changes, so we'll both take some time to improve.
    Oh, and I finally beat my White nuzlocke a week ago. No deaths on the final battles, woohoo!
    I really want to show you my sketchbook. I have a lot of pretty good doodles in there, especially of my new character (who I still don't know the name of, UGH).
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