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  • Don't worry, I still plan to ref. I prefer to wait until she shows up again. That way it will be up and no one's waiting forever.
    Oh, hello. Actually, I agreed to take up the match you were having with KAYLAF0X a while ago. But they are away for a period of time, so I decided to postpone putting up the match until they came back! If you'd like I can set it up this afternoon?
    Hi there! How are ya? :)
    Thanks for accepting my FR! I usually send them to people with nice bios or intros.
    From what I see you are a gamer, what are you playing now?
    Hey, it's cool. You're new, and still doing pretty good for it. Little mistakes are expected.

    At least you didn't forget to post it in the Ref Queue for two weeks
    By the way, for the match you just posted on the ref queue between us, you may want to list it as Equiall 1, as both of us are TL1, so the "highest" level between us will be 1, and a lot of refs won't bother to check
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