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Last Activity:
Mar 23, 2018
Jul 23, 2006
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RabidRaticate was last seen:
Mar 23, 2018
    1. Funkmaster C
      Funkmaster C
      I tried to PM you, but your box is full.

      Amending my first message to you a bit, a little insomnia led me to breed you a Chansey now. If you want to trade today, I'll be online all afternoon after 1pm central, or at night again around 11pm for a few hours. Otherwise could you give me a time you'd like to trade? I can try my best to work around your schedule.

      I'm still good with taking a Gurdurr in exchange.
    2. too-weak
      Tried to PM you, but said you reached your quota? I have DW Scraggy Female if you still need it. Careful nature with 31 Speed IV. I should be available at nighttime [USA Central time zone] everyday day up to and including this Sunday.
    3. jstinftw!
      Answered your question on the VGC Thread
    4. Infernoturks
      I got them already thank you very much. I should go and post something that I already got them, but if there is anything you need thats not a legendary let me know and I´ll see what I can get for you if I own one.
    5. foxyman1167
      I'm working from 3-10, so maybe I could do it at 10:30 PM tonight
    6. foxyman1167
      Can you trade right now? I'm on the East Coast also, going to work at 3PM.
    7. foxyman1167
      I'll be around all day tomorrow, we can trade then.
    8. Infernoturks
      Hello, if your still doing treecko trades please let me know. If you do all 3 starts for johto and hoenn please let me know that as well I need all 6. But I´ll be greatful for treecko thank you.

      (Already got thank you all for taking the time to read this :) )
    9. cryingbrien
      I'm interested in making a trade for a mudkip pm me with an offer
    10. Pikawho?
      Best of luck to you! Other than Thundurus, is your team all set and ready to go? The last two members of my team weren't finished until the night before. lol
    11. Pikawho?
      It's all good. Like I've said: I did well against everyone else and that's good enough for me. And yeah, luck of the draw also has its role. Although, I felt lucky when I saw this guy's team (cause I knew that t-room would destroy him). It was unlucky that Galvantula one-shotted my t-roomer. Oh well.

      Did you participate this year?
    12. Pikawho?
      Don't worry about "ruining" my team. That was the only battle I've had when the focus sash would've been better. The Mental Herb actually helped in a good amount of battles(Taunters, Encore, etc). It's just unfortunate that the one time Musharna gets one-shotted was in the tournament battle. Otherwise, your advice was worthwhile. I'm new to competitive battling so there's still a lot more I need to figure out. =P
    13. Teravoid
      can I have 1 treecko? I want a lonely nature or any nature... lvl 1 pls. my FC: 4985 4268 7972, the game is pokemon white US.. pm me thx!!!
    14. HS777
      Hi, do you still have treecko's???? PM me thanks!! :)
    15. Trips
      do you still have any mudkip?
    16. smac89
      Do you have any treecko's? pleeassee :]
    17. Kratos The Pokemon master
      Kratos The Pokemon master
      i want a mudkip,shiny if possible, and with pokerus.
    18. Desirer
      I'd like a Mudkip if you still have one, nature doesn't matter.
    19. spanky17
      Im interested ina treecko.....email me soon!
    20. RabidRaticate
      actually it does
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