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  • Hi please i dont know why i got banned. The mods are meanies who dont like people with different ideas to them i guess
    lol people won't know that. Besides I know that Dawn will lose. If she did won, then that means that her journey is pretty much done. :p
    We can't be friends. I don't want to be friends with a non-smart member. Your usertitle is wrong, as long as you are around. In my Dub Title Thread, you were only supposed to talk about the released titles, not spoil things for people who don't want to be spoiled. Now, don't VM/PM me anymore and don't post in any thread made by me because you'll make it be like crap. Seriously, how old are you, 7? You sure act like a 7 year old. It's kind of bad too, that you joined on Friday the 13th.
    Well I don't know. Yeah I know the Grand Festival are more competative than the advance series. I do have some doubts that Dawn will win the Grand Festival. I mean, the damn diectors wouldn't let that happen.
    Well its obvious ash is going to lose to a random trainer from the upcoming pokemon game (black and white). That always happen in every pokemon series. As for the Grand Festival i have no idea who will win. Today episode was awesome i guess. Too bad kenny might get elimiate on the opening lol. I hardly know whats going on right now since i bought Super Street Fighter IV(and the game rocks :) ).
    Nope. The new series starts in Autumn 2010. I'd bet on Late Sept. 2010 or Early Oct. 2010. Bulbapedia just mixed up Autumn with August.
    Definitely! The Sinnoh League starts in Jul. 2010 in case you did not know. So, the Sunyshore Gym Battle should be in Jun. 2010.
    Maybe she could be. People often inherit their parent's genes so maybe Dawn inherited contest skills from her mom.
    Hi, Ragingmaiden! We haven't chatted in quite sometime. Are you happy that Dawn's in the Finals of the Sinnoh Grand Festival and will battle Zoey?
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