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  • I always wanted a main character to have a Bellsprout, apart from James. Please Goh, USE IT !!!!
    I saw you mention him on PGF's profile, Cybercubed is still active on GameFAQs too. Mostly on threads about the pokemon anime as far as I'm aware
    my username is same and im the charecter dawn, there are 5 dawns or something but no issue
    any charecter of male ok one of: ash, alain, Kenny, Drew, Barry, Paul among these any charecter please its really amazing, and I will feel happy if you come ok.....!!
    You know I found out something interesting. You have youtube for sure right....?? You know rex there is a live stream like furret on escalator until dp remakes come and release. Its a live steam. Its really amazing, we play roleplay and its so interesting and the best way to kill time I'd love to invite you because it is awsome, become any charecter and come. Any charecter from pokemon and then you can start
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