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Recent content by RagTag

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    Claim threads suck I do not like them.

    Even in His Youth - Nirvana, claimed by RagTag
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    Weird Commercial People

    I don't remember that one, I think that commercial might be enough to make me lose my lunch.
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    Weird Commercial People

    Anyone remember those Captain Crunch. Where he would drive a gigantic ship through your wall. I always remembered thinking how annoying that would be to have him wreck your house like that and just leave.
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    Things we learned from Yugioh Abridged

    1. Mai's breasts are enormous 2. Anytime is a good time to take over the world 3. Rex & Weevil hate AMVs 4. You have to be an adult to win at a children's card game.
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    Post a Lie About the Above Poster 2

    Just escaped from prison
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    Rate User Title of the Previous User

    8/10 Awesome
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    Wandering Eyes. Hehe.

    This story happened my senior year, I was in my Creative Writing class. I had at the beginning of class gotten up to get the tape dispenser so I could cover it in tape. I had taken the tape dispenser off of a large windowsill in front of the class's storage room. One of the girls in the class...
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    Official Nintendo Game Help Thread

    Yes it's a Digimon question, I just started playing Digimon World DS a couple days ago so I'm still relatively new to this. Anyways I've been trying to digivolve my Tyranomon into a Triceramon and I have to get him to level 24 in order to do so. The only problem is that my Tyranomon's growth...
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    Has Your Name Ever Been Used In A Pokemon Game?

    As far as I know my name has only been used once. I am Dragon Tamer Patrick on Sinnoh's Route 210.
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    Rate User Title of the Previous User

    7/10 It's just alright
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    7/10 The banner looks great, but it seems out of place in the corner like that
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    Rate User Title of the Previous User

    4/10 I can't read it
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    6/10 Likewise
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    6/10 It's really just a quote and a response. Good for you though, I admire your conviction.
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    8/10 That's a cool banner, Mine was also made by Skiyomi by the way.