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  • Interesting but t I'm not surprised, that's kind of how it is everywhere. Yeah, seems to me that they have a fear of knowledge and outside influences causing it them to lose control of the people. Yeah, generalizations are always bad. More than likely, it's probably scapegoating, at least to me. Unless, manufacturing a game is cheap there, it's not going to happen. Pretty much all governments are more concerned with things like that as opposed to luxuries.
    No fooling, a entity that refuses to change with the times is doomed to fail, that's the way it's always been. While tradition is a good thing, not having games available cuts out a good source of revenue for the country. How does the Brazilian government view pop-culture media?
    That's good, college isn't that hard, just pay attention and do what you have to do. It can just consume your time.

    Yeah, there's gems out their you just have to try to find them.

    One reason I can think that the Brazilian Government would regulate gaming is because of tradition.

    This would be longer but recently I've been having personal troubles and they've been consuming my thoughts as of late, I can tell you about them in a PM if you'd like.
    Completei o Y também. Fazia tempo que eu não me divertia assim com um jogo de pokémon, pra dizer a verdade.

    Nem tenho mais meus jogos antigos, então não terei nada pra passar.
    Estarei aceitando os filhotes dos seus iniciais hahaha
    Good to see you again man, I know the feeling. That sucks, but around here i'm in Community right now which I like better since it's cheaper and I get something out of my two years unlike a four year university.

    My issue with FFXV is no girls and Noctis and his gangs wardrobe are just not doing it for me. Yeah, I feel nothing for XV. KHIII looks more fun but the spin-offs have really hurt any hype I had for them. I just don't like SE anymore; EA of Japan, or it that Capcom. On that note, The Mighty No.9 looks amazing.

    The market probably won't disappear, it'll just continue to stagnate until things get better for the country. Yeah, hopefully things calm down for you.
    So would I, but Pokemon is about the only series I know of that uses obscure myths and folklore, etc... Not only that, but just because this is new to the field it be seen as new and original which does wonders for sales. This is true and the main reason why we see the cookie cutter Hero is because the west is essentially Grekoromen while the Japanese are the japanese. It's no surprising why some of the "mythologies" have become stale and the same old heroes. Honestly man, I know how you feel, I was trying to find "stories of Creation" in their original format to learn how to write a creation and well that plan is non-existent since all I could ever find was summaries. Myths in a way are hard to talk if they're obscure enough.

    Also, long time no see, college has been stealing my life.
    College isn't all that difficult just more time consuming since more is expected out of you. At least in the US we get to learn how to learn and it actually has some form of difficulty. I didn't have that problem since I was prepared, but this is the case for most people.

    Actually XI is their most successful Final Fantasy monetary wise, but as far as non-fans knowing about it, it is non-existent. The way MMO's make money is through subscriptions so here we have very dedicated fans making the game a financial success, but that is all that is going on it is nothing more than dedicated niche fanbase. Yeah, Versus is a doozy alright, but I think some of it can attributed to Nomura's perfectionism. I understand to, but when we look at many people complaining that they haven't made something good in years just creates a tense fanbase. No one would be mad at them if the games were actually good, instead of a transparent attempt at a cash grab. Do I understand the business logic, yes but unfortunately they're doing a poor job even at that. These are pretty low budget games so they should some in effort into to look better to their fans. Fact is they have a horrible relation with their fans today.

    Yeah, just no with that price. Now, I can really understand piracy over their since that is just horrible. That's more than double the deluxe, in which case you take your business else where, in this case piracy or out of country buying. Things do need to change if Brazil wants a Game Industry, because right no it has no chance of appearing.
    Wait until you get into college, but to see you're back.

    Yeah, but not only that they need to make up the cost for the failed Final Fantasy XIV and vaporware Versus XIII (seriously, that thing has wasted so much money and has an unreal budget.). SE certainly loves that, there's no doubt about that, but the problem with easy money is a complete destruction of the company's reputation. Yeah, go to where the money is. No fooling they are trying their best too make it like the popular guys in the since of making a quality game to get known and a loyal and large fan base. They don't have the funds to make it for anything else and if they care about their livelihood they're not going to risk it by making an expensive console title when it can put them out of business. So many and the most number of studios have closed this generation which is very sad because they couldn't turn a profit.

    That's great to hear where are you going to travel? So Brazil's prices are that bad?

    I would like to see that too since it's overshadow and would be a great learning experience, since I don't really know anything about Brazil. Never heard of the Tupi-Guarani Mythos. No fooling, they would be new to games and has untapped potential. I would really like to see under-appreciated cultures getting more exposure.
    So those 3 parts are kind of like how we have quarters and semesters in the school year? What you said made sense it's just weird to me because I don't even think I regularly get mid terms the only class I have one of those in is Math. D; Leta hope for some free time! How have you been lately besides school? :)
    Ouch tests?? Like mid terms or finals??? D; I have some of those coming up in a few weeks myself and I'm not looking forward to that tbh. Hopefully you'll have more free time Raguna!
    Exatamente. E essa nova me parece é menos desenvolvida / inferior quando comparada à original, na verdade.
    Dá pra tirar isso considerando-se que ele é fortemente ligado ao filme, e o título do filme é "o despertar de Mewtwo". E veja só, esse Mewtwo2 substitui o Mewtwo normal nos pôsteres novos; duvido muito que removeriam um personagem-título do filme do lugar em que ele estava em favor de um outro que não tem o mesmo peso. Ainda é o Mewtwo ali, só mudou a forma.
    Hey Raguna I hope to see you later tonight or tomorrow! My Internet crashed me earlier and my dad was just able to fix it now talk to you soon :)
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