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  • Yay you're back! My favorites would have to be Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, Animal Crossing, LoZ, Sims :) And Pokemon of course~
    Omg that's a lot of different instruments you tried out.But hey that's all right your talent just must be somewhere else!
    Hope your connection doesn't keep spazzing out!! But yeah I do play piano it's really fun but learning all the notes can be a bit difficult! What kind of instruments have you tried playing I'm sure you could find something!
    Hey I'm gonna log off for awhile and clean and do my piano practice. I'll talk to you later Raguna! :) It was nice talking to you!
    That would be so cool! Like I would love that. XD Lol you should be a game designer you have good ideas! Well I enjoy them at least~ Also you're a LoZ fan too like myself nice! I never beat WW though. ^^; Come on now let's give GameFreak some credit I doubt they would mess up that bad! :p
    Yeah same here the previews made it seem so even more! I'm pretty sure they're not going to make Fennekin bipedal that would just be awkward! Haha speaking of Froakie I saw a picture on tumblr where someone compared Froakie to Benjamin Franklin, talk about old and wise!
    I actually have high hopes that the little fire fix won't up end up being fire fighting. It seems like game freak would get the message by now. Froakie is really cute and I'd love for him to become a dual type when he evolves!
    I'm not sure which one id choose really. It mostly depends on how their evolutions and typing end up being. Normally I prefer water types but I've chosen fire and grass before too it's anyone's game as of right now.
    Thanks! I just didn't want you to think I forgot! D; Ha if a RF title is released for Wii U I'm totally gonna jump and get the console just for the game. XD I did that so I could get ToT and AP I'm still undecided which Gen 6 version I wanna get!

    I'm pretty sure Oceans was released I had planned on getting it but do far haven't gotten around to it. ^^; I was really psyched to be able to play as a girl too. :/ I hope a new tittle will be released later this year like you said or early next year cause it seems like its been awhile.

    You're welcome! I hope I'm not prodding but are you in high school or college? Cause I think your dream of being a game designer is awesome. XD You should totally take digital art classes and stuff! Do you draw too by any chance? :) Lol I think some people are actually put off by the whole farming aspect of the game like I tell them about and they think it's weird or lame?? Haha they're missing out though!

    I agree with you I really wonder why the games aren't out there as much. The thing that makes me happy though is that the franchise has been able to last so long and keep adding new ideas and better gameplay. I mean it's going on almost as long as Pokemon I think?!
    Yeah exactly! Plus Natsume isn't as big of a company as Nintendo and a lot of their games arent well known so it's like a double whammy. >_>

    What unreleased titles are you talking about? :eek: The only ones I'm thinking of are oceans which I thought was released? You should get ANB btw! It looks really good and all the customization is awesome!

    RF 4 on 3DS would be really cool! I'm sure they'll release it since ANB is done already! You have a lot of great ideas, but as of right now I'd hope a RF game wouldn't be released for Wii U mostly because I don't have one atm. >_< Lol im sorry for the late reply I've been doing this on my phone! D;
    Rune Factory 3 is my favorite too! I loved Micah and the characters were all fun and lively and their voice actors fit very well! Plus he was the cutest golden wooly ever! It was also my 1st RF game.

    My favorite Harvest Moon Game is probably Animal Parade/Tree of Tranquility but I A New Beginning might beat that once I actually play! I haven't played a lot of the older games the oldest one I have played was for GameCube A Wonderful life to be exact.

    I think one of the reasons it's not as popular is that it doesn't get much mainstream exposure ya know? Like I never see any commercials/ads for it so it seems like the only way to get information on it is online. :/
    I getcha buddy! Rune Factory and Harvest Moon have such small fan bases it's crazy how many people never heard of them >_< It's such a good series too! What's your favorite game in the series? :D
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